How Do You Fancy Camping In 2019?

How Do You Fancy Camping In 2019?

As Winter draws on, you can be forgiven if your mind has started to wander towards next year’s holiday. We all need something to look forward to and it’s only natural to begin planning, even if only in your mind, about what you can do as a family for next year’s break. One particular type of holiday that my husband is keen for us to have is a camping holiday. He’s yet been able to convince me, but on doing some research I now may well be considering camping in 2019.

What does camping mean to you?

Think of camping and many people think of roaring campfires, peaceful streams and delightfully cheerful birds. For me, however, it conjures up quite a different image. One bad experience many years ago and it has left me somewhat fearful of going again. Say ‘camping’ to me and I immediately think of rain and wind and a soggy sleeping bag. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

A different type of camping

When the husband suggested to me that we should go to one of the camping holidays in France, where he used to go as a child with his parents, I immediately dismissed the idea. My previous experience of camping scarred me that much that I never wanted to see a tent again for as long as I live but I had no idea that there are many different types of camping. Of course, there are tents – the traditional way to camp but there are also mobile homes, holiday homes, lodges, bungalows and even glamping these days. I have to be honest, this is a little more up my street!

Camping for all types

On doing more research, whether you stay in a holiday home, a lodge or a tent, in holiday parks, it’s almost certain that you will be stepping into quality, detached accommodation. There are separate bedrooms and self-catering facilities right at your fingertips. It’s certainly not the type of camping that springs to my mind. It’s a type that I could really get on board with.

Holiday homes have open plan living areas and really good-sized bathrooms – would you believe some even have an en-suite? Some feature private decked terraces (some with covered decks), gas BBQs and air conditioning too!

Personally, for me? This is the type of camping holiday I would choose. My husband, however, would say that to experience camping, you need to do it properly. So how do I convince him to let me be broken in gently?

Traditional camping with a twist

If I am going to do any type of ‘traditional camping’ it would have to be ‘glamping‘ instead. In many holiday parks these days, this is an option. Not everyone wants to sleep on the floor! And why should they if there is an option for a bit of luxury? Imagine a larger than average tent (that you don’t have to put up yourself!) sat on its own wooden decking (yep, no muddy feet at the bedside here!). Spacious bedrooms with super comfy beds (say goodbye to that blow-up mattress!), furniture and fittings – yes, you heard – furniture, in a tent. You even get an equipped kitchen area, complete with fridge-freezer. Take me now, I’m sold!


I guess the whole point of this article is to convince other anti-camping folks out there, there really isn’t anything to be worried about. Camping has changed so much over the years. People like comfort when they are away from home and there are ways to have the best of both worlds – the outdoor camping experience, but with some luxuries thrown in too. Go to the right area and you’ll have the weather to match and it really could turn out to be one of the best holidays you’ve ever had. I can’t wait to book ours. Roll on the Summer!




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How Do You Fancy Camping In 2019?




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