The Music To The Story Of My Life – Passports and Adventures

The Music To The Story Of My Life – Passports and Adventures

Hello! Welcome to another instalment in The Music To The Story Of My Life series. This week we are looking at the choices from Cath who blogs over at Passports & Adventures.


Cath is an Irish expat who now lives in Portugal with her husband and son. A former scientist, she gave up working when they emigrated south from the UK. She is a family travel and lifestyle blogger and hopes that, through her blog, they will inspire more families to travel, especially with the toddlers in tow. As a family, they love travelling and have started working their way through their family travel bucket list. Cath writes about their family travels and experiences on her blog Passports and Adventures (Formerly known as BattleMum).


Over to Cath

Music has played a big part in my life since I was very little and my husband says I have quite an eclectic mix that I listen to. So, without further ado, here is the music to the story of my life.


Jennifer Rush – The Power of Love

I was born and raised in Africa until the age of 9, when my parents decided to return to Ireland. Before we left South Africa we were staying with friends of my parents, Ken and Irene, while waiting to ship our belongings back and book our tickets. Irene’s mum also lived with them and she loved nothing more on Sunday morning than putting on some records to enjoy with her cup of tea. Her all-time favourite was The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush and every time I hear it I’m transported back to 1987.


Boney M – Daddy Cool

A year after returning to Ireland from Africa, my Dad was working in Saudi Arabia and we got to join him for two months of the summer holidays. We didn’t have a TV in the house we were living in and relied on games, books and music to entertain us. My Dad had bought a cassette player and some cassettes including the Best of Boney M album. My favourite son was Daddy Cool and still is today (the video cracks me up). It’s even become one of my four-year-old son’s favourite songs. That song always reminds me of that summer in Saudi.


Whitney Houston – All the Man that I Need

There was one boy in my class in secondary school that I had a massive crush on, the whole way through school. From First Year all the way to Sixth Year, there was no other boy for me. We were an item (if you’d call it that) for about two weeks at the end of one summer but as soon as we returned to school he ended it. I was gutted, absolutely gutted and this song was one I clung to during my teenage despair. We remained friends but he broke my poor little heart.


Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)

This is the song that transformed my taste in music. I enjoyed some dance-type music before but when the song No Good (Start the Dance) by the Prodigy was released, that was it. I was transformed into a life-long raver and my love affair with dance and trance music was born. Even now at 40 you’d think I would be sick of it, but no. Love my dance music and it’s always on in the car!


Bedrock – For What You Dream Of

Another song that firmly rooted dance and trance music into my life. I remember going to see Trainspotting in the cinema with my then-boyfriend and while Born Slippy was a great song, it was the Bedrock tune, For What You Dream Of that got my heart racing. I absolutely loved it and still do to this day. My husband (not the then-boyfriend) is also a fan of dance music and loves this tune as well.


Crazy Town – Butterfly

My husband and I have a term of endearment for each other; bebe. And when this song was released we decided it was our song as there is a line in it

“feel my butterfly, sugar, baby” but the baby is pronounced more like our nickname for each other. And from that first listen it’s been our song ever since. We don’t particularly like any of the band’s other songs, but this one is our song.


Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately

Choosing a first dance for a wedding for us was a nightmare. Our song, see above, didn’t lend itself to first song material. And my husband and I haven’t really had any other song we would classify as a love song. So, trying to choose a suitable song for our first dance at our wedding proved quite difficult. And then we heard Van Morrison’s song Have I Told You Lately, and our decision was made for us. I can’t tell you even where we heard it but we both knew it was the right one for our first dance.


Take That – Never Forget

No list of music that describes my life story would be complete without Take That. The boyband my sister and I have idolised since we were teenagers in the early 90’s. Yes, we are original fans and even saw them when they first played a concert in Dublin back in 1993. This was the days of standing tickets and queuing for hours before doors opened to get a good spot. We arrived at the Point Theatre at 12pm and waited more than 6 hours to claim a stake a few rows from the front. My sister fainted at one point and got lifted to the front to be attended to by St John Ambulance people. We still love them to this day and have seen them twice more in Dublin and once in London during their last tour. And we’re seeing them again next year. Never Forget is the song we all love the best and it gets every concert crowd on their feet and singing at the top of their lungs.



And there you have it. The Music of the Story of My Life from Cath at Passports and Adventures.


Passports and Adventures


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If you would like to take part in this series, please do email me at jaki@jakijellz.com or tweet me @jakijellz and I’ll send you over all of the information. In the meantime, make sure you pop back next week for the next instalment, from a fellow blogger. I can’t wait!



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The Music To The Story Of My Life - Passports and Adventures









  1. 18th December 2018 / 6:17 am

    I love a bit of Van….#TriumpantTales

  2. 18th December 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Its amazing how music can take you back to a specific moment in time isnt it?! Some great tunes there, youve inspired me to think about they key tracks of my life!

  3. 18th December 2018 / 6:29 pm

    Wow. I’m usually pretty up on music, but will confess that Butterfly is the only one of these that I knew. Love the series and hearing the stories behind the moments. #triumphanttales

  4. 19th December 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Very cool playlist. I remember specific moments in my life through music. Thanks for sharing. #triumphanttales

  5. 20th December 2018 / 1:06 pm

    A love the diverse range in music, just goes to show you how powerful music is X

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