6 Unique UK Accommodation Types You Should Try This Summer

6 Unique UK Accommodation Types You Should Try This Summer

In the United Kingdom, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to both locations and accommodation, with something for everyone. For a lot of people, the accommodation is just as important as the destination; they want to stay somewhere desirable that they can show off to their friends or family. The UK has plenty of options when choosing to stay somewhere unique for your 2018 summer holiday.


Boutique Hotels

For couples on a city break, boutique hotels are intimate, and every design has been thought about carefully; plush bedding, neutral colours and metallic details to create an Instagram-worthy image. These fashionable, elegant and intricate interiors add character, turning what would have been a standard hotel room into a bespoke living space. For example, Europa House Apartments in London is designed to look sophisticated with bronze details in the bedroom, a chaise lounge at the foot of the bed, and large French doors to look out across the 3-acres of land. Save some money on your hotel booking by using a hotels.com coupon code.


Escape day to day life and run away with your imagination by embarking on a luxurious adventure in one of the UK’s many quirky treehouses. The ideal break for nature enthusiasts or those wanting a peaceful break, you’ll wake up to stunning views every morning in a private and secluded space. Decked out with rustic furniture in typical treehouse style, with modern touches to keep everything on trend. Chewton Glen in Hampshire does this perfectly; oak furnishings, hot tub on the balcony, and a breakfast hamper delivered daily, recharge your batteries the right way.

Boating Holidays

6 Unique UK Accommodation Types You Should Try This Summer


Step on board a different style of holiday and take in a breath of fresh air, it won’t be long before the freedom will have you raring to see all the wondrous sights that only those on the water get to experience. Follow nature trails, enjoy wholesome meals at popular waterside pubs, and soak up the sunshine while cruising the water. The tranquil waters bring about a sense of calm in everyone and melt away any worries, helping you to relax while embracing the endless wildlife. Norfolk Broads boating holidays are a popular choice with over 125-miles of waterways, set in the countryside and surrounded by picturesque towns while being able to navigate to it all on a luxury holiday cruiser.


The glamorous take on camping that allows you to enjoy the outside and all the aspects of camping, without having to sleep on a hard floor, wash in a communal shower, or wear multiple layers (the UK weather is never guaranteed), and it’s so much easier as you don’t have to bring your own tent or beds. You can still cook all your meals on a BBQ, play swing ball to pass the time, and walk down to a nearby beach, just with a few more home comforts. Longlands in Devon is five minutes away from the beach, a large safari tent that has a meadow to play rounders, an en-suite shower room, and a private BBQ area.

North Shire

6 Unique UK Accommodation Types You Should Try This Summer


Live one of your favourite stories and stay at the North Shire in Yorkshire, a real-life Hobbit home set in the English countryside – a truly magical stay! The owners of this holiday home have designed the interior of Bag End as a complete replica of the one in the book; wooden bucket beds, metal taps and sinks, outdoor lanterns, and the infamous round Hobbit hole door. And, the owners are currently building a new holiday home inspired by Hagrid’s Hut from Harry Potter. If you’re a fan of either franchise, it’s a must to stay at one of these and brag about it to all your friends – think of the photo opportunities!

Beach hut

These bright or pastel-coloured huts line the seafront and often have a classic seaside town to explore nearby, where you can purchase a postcard from the local gift shop and enjoy traditional fish and chips. Beach Cove in Barnstaple provides the perfect nostalgic experience, with the coast on your doorstep, you can have hours of fun playing sports and splashing around in the sea. Their huts are light and airy, making the rooms feel more spacious, whereas beach huts are usually quite small.



It seems silly that so many of us travel abroad for our summer holidays when we have an abundance of choices and locations to explore in our own homeland. Try out a different holiday and make some incredible memories that will last a lifetime!


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  1. 13th February 2018 / 7:53 pm

    These all sound amazing. I love a boutique hotel but also anything unique is right up my street – last summer, my ex and I travelled around Romania and spent one evening in this totally isolated cabin in the mountains. It was amazing x

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