5 of the most romantic things you can do in Paris

5 of the most romantic things you can do in Paris

There can surely be no city anywhere around the world as indelibly associated with romance as Paris. Indeed, you may feel that every corner of the City of Love exudes an amorous vibe – so if you are contemplating a visit, how can you prioritise which romantic experiences to have here?

Well, we’ve decided to take on the challenge of picking out just a few of the most loving things that you can do during a stay in the incomparable French capital.


Visit ‘Love Lock Bridge’ – but don’t bring a lock

In a city in which so many romantic traditions seem to date back centuries, one intriguing and relatively recent Parisian trend is the practice of couples affixing engraved locks to the railings of the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge.

However, while these ‘love locks’ only began to be attached to the bridge in 2008, both practical and aesthetic considerations have resulted in the banning of the practice.

So, while we would urge you not to bring your own ‘love lock’, the bridge is still a fine place to steal a kiss with your beloved and enjoy some of the city’s most iconic views.


Catch a movie in a quaint old cinema

Before you protest that going to see a film is the kind of thing you could do with your honey literally anywhere, it’s worth bearing in mind just how charming the Parisian movie-going experience is.

The French really do know how to cater to cinephiles, with more than 100 movie theatres in operation in Paris alone, including many historic venues; TripSavvy has rounded up some of the best of them.


See the city in the most idyllic fashion – by boat

What could be more serenely romantic than sailing down the Seine? As Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches® explains, the river is the city’s “best avenue”, giving you a rather different way to discover Paris.

The company’s romantic dinner cruises, for example, combine a sophisticated meal with the sound of a piano and violin, start from €75 and promise you and your date a truly unforgettable evening.


Get acquainted with the French Romantics

If the green-shuttered mansion that houses Musée de la Vie Romantique – which translates as ‘The Museum of Romantic Life’ – at 16 rue Chaptal in the historic artists’ neighbourhood of Montmartre looks unassuming enough from the outside, the reality is very different.

The property dates to the 1830s and was formerly the Paris base of the Dutch-born painter Ary Scheffer. Its 19th-century glory days also saw such greats as Frédéric Chopin, Eugène Delacroix and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres pass through its doors.

Today, the museum houses permanent collections that are free to visit and include all manner of Romantic mementoes, canvases, sculptures and objets d’art.


Alternatively… tie the knot here!

Getting married in or near this unforgettable city isn’t necessarily the unattainable dream that you might have imagined it to be. As the Expatica website explains, there are options for formalising your union with your beloved on French shores, although it is important to be abreast of the legalities.


Romantic things you can do in Paris


As for picking the perfect place here to get hitched, you have a lot of options, including within reasonable travelling distance of the city’s boundaries.

Château Bouffémont in Montmorency Forest, for instance, offers an excellent base for weddings in France right through the year, thanks to its refined interior decor, spectacular manicured French gardens and location just 30 kilometres from the centre of Paris.


Paris may be an ‘obvious’ romantic epicentre, but there’s a good reason for that – it is also utterly unparalleled in such a stature, and a city that remains thoroughly well-recommended for lovebirds.



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5 of the most romantic things you can do in Paris




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