Fun Things to Do With Your Kids While Travelling

Fun Things to Do With Your Kids While Travelling

Sometimes, we all need a break from the daily grind, and what better way to bond as a family than by taking a trip together? Being in different surroundings can reduce stress and allow for lasting memories to be made, not to mention you’ll have some great photos for your mantle-piece.

However, if the thought of taking your kids on a long haul flight or a lengthy car journey fills you with dread, your trip will require careful planning and research, and you will need to incorporate some fun activities into your excursion to keep your kids entertained. Here are some ideas for child-friendly travel.

See a Music Concert

Haven’t decided where to go yet? Why not see where your child’s favourite band or singer is next touring and book the perfect surprise for them? If you’re visiting the U.S., Ticketsales.com has full tour schedules of world-famous artists like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars that your kids are sure to love.

Alternatively, you could take your children to their first music festival. Just be mindful of which locations are family-friendly and will have attractions for youngsters as well as adults. Glastonbury is an obvious choice, but if you’re travelling abroad, you may need to do some research into local events.

Collect Mementos

Encourage your child to document the experience by collecting postcards, photographs, tickets and other keepsakes from your trip. You could collate them in a scrapbook or keep them in a memory jar. This creative activity will keep them busy during quieter moments and will encourage them to be observant and take stock of their surroundings. Plus, they will always have a unique keepsake to remind them of their holiday.

Plan an Adventure

You can’t expect your kids to appreciate the sites in the same way that you and your spouse might, and teaching them about history and culture will make them feel like they’re on a school trip if that’s all your holiday entails. Instead, plan some adventurous activities while you’re away, such as a trip to a safari park, sailing a boat or going mountain biking.

Be Outdoorsy

As anyone who has ever spent a rainy weekend in the house with a child will know, kids tend to climb the walls without outdoor exercise. Rather than relying on kid’s clubs and hotel entertainment to keep your little ones busy, get outdoors as much as you can.

Getting regular fresh air and exercise will help your children stay healthy and happy during their holiday, and they’ll sleep better too. Plus, soaking up the Earth’s natural beauty will also give your mental and physical health a boost, and will provide an enjoyable bonding experience for the whole family.

Enjoy the Journey

Taking your children to new cities and countries is an invaluable way to broaden their minds and expose them to new cultures. Just be sure to plan a busy schedule, so they don’t become bored and listless, and always pack snacks, colouring books and iPads for the journey!





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