Weekly blog: Holidays bring happy days… 10/5/15

Last week’s blog was a big fat fail. Soz like. We were away for the weekend spending some quality time together as a family and in all honesty I couldn’t really be arsed with tapping away on my iPad writing about it when I should have been living it. If you know what I mean?!

But. I’m back now so all is not lost. So we went away to Torquay and had a fantastic time. I may well do a review on the Bed & Breakfast we stayed in as it really was fantastic. Great for small families. Let me know if you fancy reading about that. EJ had great fun in the arcades but not as much fun as his Daddy with the 2p machines. We caught up with old friends and just generally enjoyed a change of scenery. The weather was piss poor, literally. But we didn’t care. Getting away was what we needed and it’s done us all the world of good.

Being away meant I took almost a week off my 5k training and getting back into it was hard, I won’t lie. One day I felt really fed up, post holiday blues I guess. So I put on my trainers, went for a run and felt so much better after. I guess those endorphins do exist after all! And I did it and I’m doing really well. By the time this goes live I should have just completed the end of week four and I’m running further every week. Who’d have thought it?!

Within the last two weeks there seems to have been a lot of Cancer stories in the media. A couple of celebrity cancer deaths and The C Word on the TV. I knew as soon as I saw the advert that I needed to watch it despite me knowing it was going to be tough. Sheridan Smith was incredible in it and Paul Nicholls (humna humna!) was an added bonus! But in all serious it was tough, but so good. I’m glad I watched it and could relate to the parts that involved her family. It’s hard watching from the outside. It’s hard feeling so helpless. That’s why this run is so important. It’s helping me get through this shitty time. Woaahh. Too serious. Got to keep the smiles coming. No time to dwell on the sad stuff.

EJ played with a Scalextric tonight for the first time ever. He loved it and it was great fun. UNTIL IT WAS TIME TO PUT IT AWAY. Bloody hell I’ve never seen a tantrum like it. I’m impressed with myself for the way I handled him. That’s what a break does for you. Recharges the batteries! I highly recommend them for parents of toddlers who are feeling the strain…!

I’m back to work next week, for three days a week, for now. My work have been amazing letting me take the time over the last few months and I will be forever grateful. But it’s time to start back now, only three days a week as that’s all the child care cover I have. But Mum WILL be better soon. Then we can get back to normal. I’m looking forward to a bit of routine again. And hot drinks. And child free toilet breaks. But of course I’ll miss the little dude. He’s been a complete rock.

I’ve received all the info and all of the products for me to begin my #SlimFastChallenge that I mentioned a couple of blogs ago. I’ll be writing about my hopes and goals for this Challenge at the start of next week, so keep an eye out for that. I begin the actual challenge on Monday.

So, if you’ll excuse me there’s a tub of ice cream downstairs with my name on it that can only be watched with Britain’s Got Talent so I guess now’s my time. See you next week.

Much love




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