Weekly Blog: Sunshine, sand and a decision made… 12/4/15

Well hasn’t this week been a bit nice with all this sunshine? Dare I ask if Summer is on the way? Or will I jinx that along with my previous nap talk?! More of that later…

Easter Monday was lovely. We took EJ to a local farm park called All Things Wild and he had a great time. He loves being outside and running around and looking at all of the animals was a bonus. It was great to get out in the fresh air for a few hours and then afterwards there was an indoor sandy beach for him to play in, where of course he was in his element. We stopped at a pub on the way home for something to eat and it was a lovely end to the Easter weekend. It’s still left me totally baffled as to what bloody day it is though. I think it’s Saturday as I write this but I wouldn’t put money on it.

The playing outside has continued as the week has gone on and EJ really has been so happy. He’s definitely an outdoorsy type. Try explaining to him when it’s raining that he can’t go outside and that’s another story altogether. Stand back and prepare for tantrums aplenty. Life with toddlers!

Speaking of which. The nap dilemma. I finally gave in yesterday and he’s now back to napping in his buggy. I don’t know if it’s temporary or whether he will eventually like his cot again or not but for the length of time left he’ll be daytime napping anyway I really am not bothered either way. I was dreading it every day. I was listening to him crying asking to come out and I was having crappy days because of it. What is the point? He was asking for his buggy all the time. So today I’ve gone with my gut and I’ve had no tears or tantrums or anything inbetween. Just a snoring child. There doesn’t seem anything wrong with that to me. Because he’s been used to it when he’s been looked after by his grandparents for the best part of two years then I guess to him it’s comfortable. I know it means I can’t get much done with him being downstairs with me but then on the upside I can put my feet up for an hour. Every cloud and all that. In all honesty I feel like a weights been lifted now I’ve made the decision. That can only be a good thing.

I worked one day this week and the rest of the time has been spent with the little man who has been fending off yet another cold. We seem jinxed lately. Typical when we need them less than ever with Mum having Chemo. Sod’s law I guess. Despite having a cold he’s still been on top form with his speech and comes out with regular ‘Ethanisms’. I tweet them as and when I remember to. Follow me if you’re not already? There’s a link at the side.

I started Slim Fast on Thursday. I’m so desperate to shift a few pounds and I’m only ever successful at diets if I’m drastic. So I’m hoping this one works. It did for me once before. Years ago. It’s just much harder when there’s your child’s leftovers lying around. MUST RESIST USING MY MOUTH AS A DUSTBIN. That’s easier said than done when he’s trying to force feed you Quavers and leftover Easter Eggs. I saw on Twitter that Slim Fast wanted bloggers to take part in the Slim Fast Challenge so I got in touch. I’m waiting to hear what that’s all about. There may well be a dedicated post here to the subject. Watch this space.

I’ve slacked a bit with midweek posts over the last couple of weeks. As you know life is still rather hectic and very up and down for us. It’s not what I call ‘normal’ at the moment. So I’ll get those posts up as and when I can. Credit where it’s due though, this previously shoddy blogger has stuck at these Weekly Posts pretty blimmin well I think. I’ll give myself a pat on the back for you.

I’m looking forward to some more sunshine this coming week. It really does help with the mood. Everyone seems happier. That helps when times are a bit shit. I hope you’ve all had a great week and I will endeavour to meet you back here next weekend for more musings of our week. Quiet as they may be at the moment. Thanks for stopping by.

Much love



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