A Weekly Blog : Wry Neck & Cupcakes… 1/3/15 

A Weekly Blog : Wry Neck & Cupcakes… 1/3/15 

I’ve spent most of this week going around the house singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?!” The Frozen craze took a while to get to our house but oh my God has it arrived?! It feels like the house has been encased in ice, just like in the film. But then again there could be worse things we could be forced to endure so I will continue to cope with daily renditions of Let It Go and For The First Time In Forever (mine and the little dude’s). The cold never bothered me anyway.

When I’ve not been singing my heart out secretly pretending to be Elsa or Anna, I’ve been grumbling. The painful neck/shoulder/back that I mentioned last week has continued well into the week and is only just about back to normal, but still with the odd twinge, even now, a week later. I gave in Wednesday and called the Doctors, mainly because I was concerned that the four migraines I’d suffered from in an many days, may not have been connected. Thankfully there was nothing sinister to be found and the neck thing I’d got going on was called ‘Wry Neck’. Who’d have thought it? It had a name. Well, whatever it likes to be known as, it can bugger off. I’ve had enough of it’s pain and would gladly like to wake up without feeling like I’ve been stabbed in the neck.

We got our ‘bake on’ on Tuesday. It was nothing adventurous. I don’t ‘do’ adventurous in the kitchen. It was a Peppa Pig Packet Mix. But it’s okay because if EJ (that’s what I’ve decided to call him here on this blog), was old enough to know who Mary Berry was, he’d think I was better than her. Mummy had made cakes with Peppa and George on so I was the epitome of cool. They weren’t half bad either.  EJ ate some. Say no more.

He’s amazed me this week. Cue soppy Mummy talk. Since I’ve spent more time with him over the last few weeks he seems so much more grown up. He doesn’t stop talking. It’s like he stopped learning to talk and now just, well, talks! He reels off nursery rhymes on demand and even does ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Mo’ when deciding what juice he wants. Oh and everything is ‘What’s that Mummy?’ Admittedly this is bound to get irritating in a few weeks time when it’s followed up with ‘BUT WHY?!’ ( it’s going to happen) but for the time being, I’ll make the most of finding it adorable.

We started measuring his height on Friday night, marking it on his bedroom wall. No doubt this will back fire when he sees us drawing and writing on the wall. He will think that it’s acceptable and will copy, then wonder why we tell him ‘it’s naughty to draw on the wall’. Double standards right there. But it will be nice for him to see when he’s towering above me that he really was literally, ‘Mummy’s little boy’ once upon a time.

I hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s been a week of mixed emotions here but I’m still remaining grateful that my little man is keeping us smiling every day. The sunshine on Friday made for a welcome change and even made me want to buy some daffodils. Hello Spring you gorgeous thing you!

We discovered this week that friendships seem to come and go and it’s a bit shit and really rather sad when things don’t work out how you expect. Disappointing too I suppose. But if I’ve learnt one thing recently, it’s that life is too short (yup, that old cliche) to stress about some situations and other things are by far, more important. Onwards and upwards then.

EJ and I are sailing the ship solo for a couple of days next week as the Mr is away with work, so I’m hoping for a nice well behaved little man to keep me company (with no drawing on the wall to be seen).

Enjoy the photos and wise words from this week and I’ll catch you back here next week, if you’re lucky.

Thanks for reading.

Much love.



A week in pictures, quote source: Pinterest


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