A Weekly Blog: Rainy Days & Fun Days… 22/2/15

I’ve contemplated doing weekly blogging in the past but that’s as far as it’s ever got. I always came to the conclusion that my life was too boring and I wouldn’t have anything to say that would be of any interest, and that may be so, but it doesn’t stop others, so why should it stop me? I just happened to realise that it’s a week since my last post went live and Sunday is my least busiest day of the week, so I started tapping away and here we are. So, I may as well carry on.

For reasons I’m not going to go into at this precise moment in time, I’m spending so much more time with Ethan at the moment. I’m currently taking a short break from work to be with him and it’s amazing. He makes me so happy, as you may well have read in the last blog. Even though I was close to him before, obviously being his Mum, just lately it feels so much more. That may be down to circumstances at the moment or it could just be due to the fact we don’t have to rush around anymore. We are both loving the time we are spending together and I’m making the most of every day. Precious, that they are.

Any other parents of toddlers dealing with biting and hitting? Please say you are?! It hasn’t been a major issue with Ethan but it’s been enough to bother me. So this week his Dad and I tried just talking to him about it and I hardly dare say it but I think it’s worked! We basically just sat him down and explained it was wrong and got him to repeat it back to us and it seems to have worked. I’m likely going to kick myself for saying this and tempting fate but I’m really hoping that it will work. Watch this space.

I’m currently dosed up on Ibuprofen and painkillers after waking up with the most horrendous pain in my neck and back having slept awkwardly. So I’m feeling a tad sorry for myself. If anyone has any miraculous cures for this please post them in the comments below. Failing that I will probably continue to be a grumpy arse until it clears up.

Call me sad and pathetic and anything else you want but my highlight this week has to have been EastEnders Live. I mean it was bloody brilliant, especially Friday night’s episode. I’ve watched EastEnders since I was old enough to and I was totally blown away by the full live episode. Well done to the whole cast and crew and congratulations on thirty years!

We haven’t done a huge amount this weekend with the weather being a washout – literally – but it’s been nice to spend the time together as a family when we can.

I hope you all enjoyed pancake day. I’m hoping by the time this post goes up we will have enjoyed ours. We’re running a few days behind schedule this year…!

I’ve decided to include a ‘thought or quote of the week’ in these posts and along with that, I’ll leave you with some pictures from our week and I’ll see you here next Sunday.

Have a great week. Thanks for reading.

Much love

A week in pictures; quote source: Pinterest


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