My world. My rock. My precious one in a million…

I’ve written what feels like countless blogs about my little boy and how wonderful he makes everything.  Actually,
to the point I really do wonder whether people will actually bother to read another one without thinking “Oh here she goes again, blabbering on about her toddler and how complete he makes her!” But this is my little corner of the internet world and I’ll write what I please.

Sometimes in life you get dealt a really shitty card. The majority of people have been there at some point or another and if they haven’t, sadly they will in the future. It doesn’t matter what type of card it is, but when you’ve been dealt it, you’ll know.

It’s the kind of card that makes you realise how precious life is and how you know you need to grab it with both hands and not waste it on stupid arguments or childish bickering. The kind that makes you want to grab everyone you love into one big huge hug and never let them go. The kind that makes you grateful that you have that family and especially that beautiful little boy to make you get up each day and smile alongside him as he continues on his daily journey of growing and learning.

The time I’m spending with him at the moment is the most precious of all. He doesn’t know exactly what it is he’s doing and he doesn’t realise what a fantastic job he does each day. But I’m hoping one day he’ll read this and then he’ll know.

He’ll know how he’s kept me smiling and laughing when I’ve needed him the most. Those cuddles, those precious Mummy & Son moments that can never be taken away. And he’ll hopefully know that the bond we have now will never be broken.

He’s my world. My rock. My precious little one in a million and I am so blessed to have him.



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