Weekly Blog: Quiet but comfortable… 22/3/15

I’m afraid the inevitable has happened and I’ve just completed a very boring week. Boring is not necessarily bad, in fact it can be quite nice to have a comfortable week as opposed to a stressy week, it just makes it a little difficult when trying to write an interesting weekly blog post. So forgive me if this one is short, sweet and a bit lapse in content but I’m giving it a whirl. Bare with me.

I was loving Mothers Day last week. I was spoilt with a canvas of mine and EJ’s very first photo together where he was minutes old. I’ve wanted it for as long as I can remember and now I can have it on the wall to see all the time. Hard to believe we’re now building dens, introducing potty training and buying him playhouses. Bloody frightening to be honest.

Mum had her third round of chemo this week so we’ve been making the most of her energy levels before they plummet. It’s so nice to see her looking a bit brighter but then the opposite happens and we have to see her looking unwell and exhausted. I bloody hate it. Still, EJ does what he does best and keeps her smiling throughout it all. It does make you question if we were blessed with him for a reason. He’s helped us through some tough times and continues to do so daily. Bless his munchy heart. Woah. Bit deep there. Soz.

Whilst we’re on the subject of the little fella I feel the need to share our latest breakthrough. For two years I’ve always felt I’ve struggled with nap times. EJ had a reflux problem as a baby and it went undiagnosed for a good five months before he got medication for it. During that time, nap times were a nightmare and it’s always stuck with me. I dreaded it. It got better and better and now I almost don’t stress about it at all. But today I really have had a breakthrough. HE ASKED TO GO UPSTAIRS FOR A NAP. Unbloodyheard of. I’ve probably jinxed it now and next week I’ll be writing about what a frickin’ nightmare naps times have become again. I will never learn.

I went into work this week for a couple of days to help with holiday cover. It was a bit of a shock to the system but it was nice to engage in adult conversation and I managed to drink TWO hot drinks while they were still hot and the biggest novelty was going to the toilet ON MY OWN. It was a pretty awesome experience I have to say.

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, you can, I’m @jakstweet… Go go go!) you may have seen that I’ve had a fair few migraines over the last few weeks. I finally went to the doctors about it on Thursday and even though all my obs were okay they’re sending me to get checked out, because we don’t have enough stress at the moment, clearly. Still, it’s good they’re crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Fingers crossed it’s good news.

That’s all I really have to tell you this week. A bit dull to write about but it’s never dull on a day to day basis. To be honest I don’t know where this year is going. British Summertime starts next weekend already. Dead chuffed about that, mind. Lighter nights and cheaper gas bills. Always a bonus.

Anyway. Enough gap filling. Thanks for reading, boring as it was. I’ll be back next week with ringing ears after what will no doubt be an awesome McBusted gig. I can’t bloody wait. See ya.

Much love



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