The diet starts on Monday…

Is it just me who can’t stick to a sodding diet to save their bloody life? I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve signed up to this or downloaded that just to try and shift the last half a bleeding stone of baby weight from TWO YEARS AGO!

I will big myself up though just eversoslightly because I DID lose the majority of my baby weight within six months of giving birth to the beauty but I got stuck in a sodding rut and I’m still there. I keep having visions of me looking like I never have done ever before. Visions of me being the yummy mummy everyone wants to be but then I spy the leftover chocolate buttons and before I know it I’ve accidentally eaten them along with the leftover fish fingers. Goddamnit. The diet. I forgot.

Low carb, low calorie, detox, teatox, caveman diet (yes, really!) I’ve attempted them all! And not one of them has worked – long term. Is it because I live with a two year old and instead of continually throwing away his leftovers I use my mouth as a bin instead? I call it the toddler diet. It’s really not very good for you. At all.

I’m painting a poor picture here. I sound like a walking dustbin. I’m not. I just can’t bare to throw away good food. So that’s why my diets never work. Because I go off track. Break the rules. Then they don’t work and I’m left frustrated and feeling hefty. Even though I know I’m not really hefty at all. I’m just not how I’d like to be. But then who really is.

Monday’s the start of a new week so we’ll definitely start again then. Probably. Maybe.

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