Weekly Blog: Sore Feet & Fundraising… 15/3/15

Week four. Got to be honest. It nearly didn’t happen. It’s Saturday night as I’m sat typing this up. Little fella has just gone to bed and I remembered that in fourteen hours I’m meant to have a weekly blog go live and I haven’t even drafted anything. Whoops.

So here I am desperately trying to remember exactly what I have done this week worth writing about, apart from raising over THREE HUNDRED POUNDS for charity. Yep. You read right.

At the end of last week’s blog I mentioned that my Sister and I had just signed up for the Race For Life. I didn’t give any details as it wasn’t common knowledge at the time. That’s all changed now as I had a blog go up midweek explaining everything. It feels like a weight has been lifted and I won’t be tiptoeing around the subject anymore. I’m not going to go into it again here, but feel free to pop on over to A Race For Life For Our Mum to have a read about what’s going on. If you haven’t already of course.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent again. So we signed up for the Race For Life and we shared it on Facebook and Twitter and basically it’s come to our attention that we know some pretty awesome people. We have a target of £500 and WE HAVE ALREADY REACHED OVER £300 and we still have just under four months to go. I haven’t even found my my trainers out yet! There sure as hell is no way of getting out of it now!

But seriously, we are dead chuffed and so grateful, so if you are reading this and have donated, THANK YOU. We are beyond grateful for your generosity and kindness. Big loves to you all.

Besides being awesome and helping kick Cancer’s butt, we took EJ swimming last Sunday. Well, the boys swam, I kind of bobbed about a bit trying not to get my new locks wet. But hey, I went, that’s something. EJ loved it. It’s safe to say we will be going back and it may well become a regular Sunday thing. Whether that includes me every week is yet to be decided…!

The hair, the hair, the hair. Bloody LOVING the hair. I found my Babyliss Big Hair out from the depths of the bottom of my wardrobe and it has totally revolutionised my hair drying experience. I should have had it chopped months ago!

Wednesday arrived and Big Sis and I went to see The Quireboys in a nearby town. I can guarantee that the majority of you are thinking ‘WHO?!’ right about now. But that’s okay, I will forgive you. Think early nineties, think long hair, think gravelly rock voice, think guitars and awesome tunes and you’re there. We loved them then and love them now. Especially when you’re at the front of a very small intimate gig. Happy ladies we were. We look forward to seeing them again, but next time I won’t be wearing four inch stiletto boots. Major schoolgirl error.

I loved Comic Relief and got a little bit hooked on watching Dermot O’Leary doing his Day of Dance on the BBC Red Button. EJ painted my face Funny For Money and I then purposely stayed up late to watch the delicious Russell Brand host the late slot on TV to then fall asleep and miss it. Big fat fail. Gutted.

So that kind of brings me to today, Saturday. Today is my Daddy’s birthday. As it is Mother’s Day tomorrow the family got together to have a bit of ‘a do’ as they say. Sis and I had a ridiculously unorganised trip to the supermarket to get the food and then EJ insisted on beginning the proceedings with tantrum after tantrum. But fear not. All was not lost. Both Mum and Dad loved their gifts and I now have a huge amount of leftover bacon rashers to get through. Happy days.

Once again, thank you for reading my waffle. A quiet but productive week and I’m ending it a bit more smilier than last week just from being proud of what we have achieved. That leaves me to wish all the wonderful Mums out there a very Happy Mother’s Day, (especially mine!) I hope you’re all spoilt rotten.

See you next week.

Much love


Quote source: Pinterest

Quote source: Pinterest


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