A ‘Race For Life’ for our Mum…

It’s not really been an open subject until now and as much as I’ve wanted to write it all down, I’ve resisted because it’s not been my story to tell. But as each day goes by we’re accepting it more and more and learning how to live with it. As bloody hard as it is.

My Mum has Cancer.

Saying those words even now brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. My beautiful, perfect Mum has that bastard disease and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Nothing has ever made me feel more sodding useless or helpless in my entire life.

I’ve come across as a bit cryptic in some of my posts lately. I’ve mentioned that I’m taking a short break from work to look after EJ  and now I can explain that this is the reason why. Mum was my primary source of childcare before all of this and so obviously while she’s undergoing chemotherapy to fight it, it’s impossible for her to look after him. The rest is pretty much self explanatory.

It’s hard to be living with such a major, life changing event and not mention it. But until now the time hasn’t felt right. We’ve still been trying to take it all in and adapt our daily lives to the situation, and obviously handle the emotions that come with it. Without a doubt, the hardest part. I’m not going to go into anymore detail at this stage as at the moment it doesn’t feel right. In time that may change but just now, this is enough. For all of us involved.

But the reason for this post and the need to discuss, is this. Over the weekend, my Sister and I decided that we wanted to try and give something back. So, with thoughts of all things pink, we signed up to take part in this year’s Race For Life for Cancer Reserach. We will be doing this on Sunday, 5th July. We can’t go on a stand alone mission to cure Cancer, but we can help in whatever way possible. We’ve taken part in the past but never with such a personal reason and this year it just feels right. We’ll be running for our Mum. The most precious lady in our lives and every step I take will be for her.

Source: Google

Source: Google

I’m not what you would call a natural born runner, but I will be training, as will my Sis. I will be giving this my all and hope I make my Mum proud, as I am of her every single day. My brave Mum.

Help us kick Cancer’s arse if you can. It’s certainly an arse that needs kicking. There is a link below that will take you to our Just Giving page, this is also permanently featured on the side of my blog above my Twitter feed. Any donation, small or large is hugely appreciated**. Cancer needs to be gotten rid of once and for all and together we can help. Thank you.

Much love



**Thank you SO much to those of you reading this that have already donated. Your generosity and support at this time means more than you’ll ever know. xx


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