A Weekly Blog: A Long Week & A Little Treat… 8/3/15

Put the flags out. We made it to week three. Given my previous blogging history this is quite the achievement.

The week started bad with a disturbed night on Saturday night/Sunday morning due to a sleepless toddler and stinking cold. Sunday night was early to bed with a hot water bottle and a bar of Galaxy chocolate (other chocolate is available!). It was a blimmin’ good job it was because 5am soon came around and that was to be the start of my day. My very. Long. Day. A fourteen hour Mummy and toddler day followed with only a one hour nap and I’m not afraid to admit it was a pretty shitty day. Coupled with my tiredness, ‘full of coldness’ and a difficult child, it was hard and I’m just very grateful that every day isn’t like that. I had a seriously tired little boy on my hands at the end of the day and the night was going to go one of two ways – like a beautiful dream or a horrific nightmare. Thankfully for me my little star looked after me so from then on the week started to get a bit better, helped by the fact that the husband was coming home on Tuesday evening. A SECOND PAIR OF HANDS.

We seem to be having a week where EJ is just being annoyingly fussy with food again. We seem to go through these phases – and everytime they are just that – phases. But everytime I seem to get myself in a right state and get beyond frustrated with throwing food away. Cue teary Mother almost crying into the kitchen bin. Not pretty.

Thursday came around and I went with my Sister to see Fifty Shades of Grey. I had mixed feelings about seeing it at the cinema. Anyone who’s anyone will know what it’s all about and I didn’t know how uncomfortable it going to be watching it in a room full of other people. Well clearly the other women in the room were more uncomfortable than me as it was like being in a room full of sodding teenagers. I’m sure copious amounts of wine contributed to the ridiculous amounts of giggles that took place consistently throughout the film. Irritating beyond belief. Despite trying to hear through the rabble, I really liked the film. It was made very tastefully given the content of the book and they didn’t overstep any lines. I know there has been some controversy about the story line but it didn’t come across as abusive to me. But I’m not getting in to that. If the need arises, that’s a whole new blog.

I took a huge step on Friday when I treated myself to a new look. I had a big ol’ chunk of hair cut off and some lowlights added to my already highlighted locks. I decided to go for a graduated bob. Typically this week, my girl crush, Cheryl Fernandez Versini posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter showing off her new hair cut – a graduated bob! I’d like to confirm that my appointment was booked a week before this happened so I did not jump on the band wagon and copy her! The timing was impeccable. She does look amazing though. I’m dead chuffed with mine, it’s like a breath of fresh air and my first attempt of blow drying it went pretty well considering I was expecting it to be a disaster. If anyone has any tips for blow drying a graduated bob so that it has ridiculous amounts of volume, please let me know. I’m prepared to try any techniques – one that doesn’t make my arms ache would be good!

Sunday this week is all about swimming. As I’m writing this to go live on Sunday we haven’t been yet so I’ve no idea how it will go. I’ll provide that update next week. EJ hasn’t been in the water for nearly a year – something we have been trying to rectify for ages but everything else has just got in the way. We’re looking forward to spending the Sunday doing something different. This will probably also involve me trying not to get my ‘new do’ wet. With a toddler? Highly unlikely, right?!

I won’t lie, it’s been a hard week. Things have got on top of me a bit but I’ve made it to the end of the week with a smile on my face which is the important thing. This week’s quote is something I’ve been telling myself all week and it’s helped keep me afloat. Haha. See what I did there?!

As I’ve finished writing this, my Sister and I have today decided to take part in this year’s Race For Life for Cancer Research. I’m very excited about this. I’ve not done much running lately but I’m very determined to smash this one. The reasons, I’m hoping to divulge next week.  Needless to say we’re in the process of downloading the ‘Couch to 5k’ apps as we speak. Gulp. Let’s just say we’re not what you’d call ‘natural runners’! This could be painful.

I’ve babbled a bit this week. I hope it hasn’t been a negative read. I try to keep even the harder weeks a bit lighthearted. Anyway. Thanks again for showing an interest, I’m off to make sure my swimming costume still fits….!

Much love




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