Weekly blog: More moving, less wobble… 26/4/15

My name is Jaki and I’m hooked on exercise.

There’s a few words I never thought I’d write. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve kept up with the ‘lifestyle change’ and all apart from one day, some form of exercise has taken place. And even then I did extra on the following day. And I hate to say it but I feel so much better for it. I think it helps when the wobble becomes less obvious. I’ve noticed my thighs are firmer in my jeans and my whole body feels slimmer. Not just in one place but all over. I’d even got paranoid about my arms and shoulders but even they don’t look as rounded anymore. (I’m not apologising for the picture of my legs below, they are a work in progress and I’m working bloody hard for them. I can’t wait for the comparison picture in a few weeks!)

Starting out is hard but I’m finding seeing results is the biggest motivation I need. I’m slightly concerned I’m turning into one of those annoying health freaks who you just want to tell them “shut up and have a cake!”. If it gets a bit much, do tell me.

Obviously alongside all of this the Race For Life training is going on. Week two of the plan has been hit and miss due to various things going on and I haven’t been able to go on the days I’d originally scheduled but I’ve managed to work around it and Week two, day three will happen on Sunday afternoon and I have to say, it DOES GET EASIER! I’m running for longer and breathing easier. Who’d have blimmin thought it?!

In other news EJ has been a dream this week. It probably won’t last but we are talking about the life and times of being a toddler’s Mum. Nothing is ever plain sailing but it’s nice to make the most of the easier weeks while they last. He’s made the transition from sleeping bag to duvet successfully this week and he looks ridiculously cute tucked up in it. He had his two year review at the start of the week and they were very happy with his development. No worries about him at all. That’s always reassuring. I guess I’m doing a good job.

The only other thing I got up to this week was have a brief lie down in hospital getting my head scanned. Not very nice but hopefully that will come back clear and I can stop worrying about the pesky migraines.

Well that’s me done, I did my HIIT workout this morning and so am free to have an easy day now, including a nice evening at my Sister’s house later.

It’s been a short post this week, next week I may have more to report. We’re off on a long weekend for the bank holiday so hopefully I can find some wifi to get the post up on the Sunday as usual.

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

Much love




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  1. Lianne
    5th August 2016 / 5:57 pm

    Well done lovely! Sounds like you’re doing great!!

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