When people ask ‘that’ question…

“So then. It must be time for the next one by now?!” 

“Come on, when are you having number two?”

“Are you pregnant yet?!” 

These are all questions that for the last six months I am asked on a regular basis. Quite unbelievably. And before you jump to the wrong conclusion, NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT….!

It seems as soon as you have one baby, people expect you to have another one, and within three years of the first one being born! At first it was kind of cute but I have to be honest, some time down the line after being asked countless times, I have to say it’s getting a tad annoying.

To a certain extent I can cope with peoples curiosity into our plans to extend our family, it’s when I get the comments insinuating that it’s unfair on EJ if we choose not to have another. “Oh it’s a shame on him, he’ll grow up on his own.” So not only am I feeling pressure from others to put my body into ‘growing another human’ mode, I’m also left feeling like a shit Mum for not giving my boy a playmate for life. Not unfair at all huh?!

The thing is, I’m not saying ‘no, never’. I’m saying ‘not yet’. Deciding to have a baby is a big deal (and a very personal choice at that). It’s for life. It’s not just popping one out and carrying on regardless. It’s a big frickin deal which you need to be ready for and I will know if and when that time comes. At the moment I am perfectly content with my wonderful toddler. He keeps us on our toes everyday and there is no way I will ever let him feel lonely. In fact my choice not to have another yet is so I can enjoy him to the full and not miss a thing. I want him to have 150% of my attention. And to all those with more than one child under three? Total respect. Honestly, I think you’re incredible. Hats off to you.

Twelve months ago when someone asked me, I was saying ‘no’. I thought I could never love another child as much as EJ and I didn’t want another. A year later I’m warming to the idea of being pregnant again so who knows, in another year or so this could be a totally different post (although that isn’t a promise either…..!)

We may eventually conform to the traditional 2.4 children set up, but for now we are totally happy with our little unit. EJ totally rocks our world and if that’s enough for us then it should be enough for everyone else. 




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