How is Brexit Affecting UK Holiday Makers?

How is Brexit Affecting UK Holiday Makers?

It feels like we have been listening to, reading and watching Brexit news for an eternity. With so much of it all up in the air and no one really knowing how it’s all going to turn out, it feels like an unnerving time to consider next year’s holiday. Especially if you usually travel to Europe. With this in mind, loveholidays, a leading online travel agency, has conducted a survey of 2,000 people in the UK to gauge their view on holidays abroad next year.

Our survey says…

The results of the survey were interesting, to say the least. The majority of those surveyed were yet to book their 2019 summer holiday and the results indicate that they are much more likely to consider an all-inclusive holiday due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Of course, there are holiday destinations other than the EU to consider and a massive 45% of those surveyed said they would consider a holiday in eastern Mediterranean and north Africa destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. These particular areas are already reporting an increase in bookings with many well-known for their wide range of all-inclusive hotels. Google Search Volume reveals that all-inclusive holiday searches to Turkey are up 83% year on year. This pretty much speaks for itself.

Millennial concerns

It’s been revealed through the survey that millennials are twice as likely to choose an all-inclusive break compared to the over 55’s surveyed. It’s no real surprise that there is a generational divide when it comes to Brexit – and these survey results are no different. 25% of 18-34-year-olds have stated that it will impact their holiday making decision for 2019. A whopping 49% of them will be considering a non-EU holiday destination. The older generation is far less worried – only 9% think that Brexit will impact their 2019 holiday decision. Not only that but they seem to be sticking with European holidays as their first choice. Only just over a third would consider a holiday in a non-EU destination. I think you will agree that’s a huge difference.

So what is everyone worried about?

The main two concerns about holidays in Europe after Brexit are passport issues and the cost of a holiday.  24% of those surveyed are concerned about passports and visas and a quarter is worrying about currency and exchange rates. It seems mobile phone charges and queues at passport control are of lesser concern.

Christian Armond from loveholidays comments, “With peak booking season for 2019 holidays around the corner, we are anticipating an increase in bookings for all-inclusive holidays.  These holidays appeal in the current Brexit climate as there are no hidden extras with the cost of meals and drinks all included!”

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be handy to have a tool that will help you find the best all-inclusive hotels? Look no further. Loveholidays have created an interactive all-inclusive hotels finder.  You simply enter a destination for a list of the best all-inclusive hotels in that area. All that is left for you to do is pick which one you like the look of the best!

Whatever happens in the House of Commons over the coming weeks, or even months, it will be interesting to see where people decide to go for their holidays. We may end up broadening our horizons and going places we never thought we would. As with all things Brexit – time will tell.

About loveholidays:

Launched in 2012, loveholidays is the fastest growing online travel agency in the UK offering a wide range of holidays to short and long-haul destinations.  loveholidays is an ABTA member and provides ATOL protection to customers as well as a price match guarantee. The company’s current ATOL license is for 804,000 passengers making it the 6th largest travel agent in the UK.

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How Is Brexit Affecting UK Holiday Makers

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