What Makes Toronto The Best City

What Makes Toronto The Best City

Toronto has really become a go-to destination over the years, It is a modern city with so many cultural influences, a booming economy, and a booming music scene. There are a lot of arguments that can be made that support Toronto’s place as the best city, but we are going to give you a few reasons.


Toronto population is growing

Toronto has a growing population and that growth is happening for a reason. People love the city and see the economic opportunities that are arising.  Its population has just passed Chicago’s and its growth is not stopping anytime soon.


It’s super diverse

Toronto is literally the most diverse city in the world. Global urban diversity rankings seem to consistently put Toronto at the top of the list of multicultural cities. Toronto’s population is comprised of people with 230 different nationalities. There are even 6 Chinatowns. There are also Indian communities, Jamaican communities, and others. This means that there is also a huge selection of food to choose from. You can have whatever type of food you dream of in Toronto. If you want it, it’s there. There is also no shortage of ethnic markets for those who like to cook their own food.


It has a great music scene

Toronto has been put in the spotlight recently with some o the most popular musical artists in the world coming from Toronto. Do not get it twisted, this music scene has always been there, but the artists are finally getting more recognition. Two of the biggest stars to come out of Toronto are Drake and The Weeknd, but Toronto has more than just pop music. There has always been thriving alternative and indie scenes as well.


Peameal sandwiches

Peameal bacon is also known as cornmeal bacon. It is a type of back bacon that is rolled in cornmeal. This stuff is delicious and Toronto is known for it. A typical sandwich will just consist of peameal bacon on a kaiser bun without any fancy trimmings, just meat, and bread. It is simple, minimalistic and amazing. The St. Lawrence Market is considered to be the go-to place to get one of these sandwiches. Carousel Bakery is one of the most popular places in the market to get one from. Carousel Bakery has been featured on television multiple times. Or you can also relax and use a food delivery service.



When people from outside of Canada think of Toronto or any city in Canada, they do not usually think of beaches. The image of a freezing tundra often comes to mind, but there are beaches. They are pretty and people do actually go to them. You really aren’t missing out on anything. It’s a wonder for a city this great to also have beaches.



Brunch is not out of the ordinary is Toronto like it is with other cities. Brunch is their thing and the Peameal sandwich that we previously mentioned kind of embodies that. Elsewhere, people would consider it to be a popular breakfast item, but in Toronto, people often eat it for lunch.



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