Triumphant Tales Linky #63

Triumphant Tales Linky #63

Welcome to week 63 of Triumphant Tales! I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. It’s Half Term here for us this week and this weekend we’re off to Great Yarmouth for a short break. I will be doing my utmost to get everything linky related done before I go away as I’m not back until Monday evening, so I’ll have my work cut out this week!


In Case You Missed It!

I’m a one-man band linky host for the next few weeks because Lianne is on maternity leave! But it’s okay guys – we can do this! All the prep is in place and I’m on it! Lianne will still have a linky on her page (that girl is so organised!) and will still be contributing posts for you to read and comment on, she just won’t be commenting herself. I will do my very, very best to get around to you all with a comment and a share on Twitter. But if I’m a little late at any given time, you know why!


A New Instagram Feature

I’m super excited about our new feature. We would LOVE you to start sharing your #TriumphantTales photos on Instagram. We have such a great community here in this linky that we would love to get together with you over on Instagram. I’ve been attempting to up my IG game recently, and so we would love to take a look at all of the pictures you upload throughout the week. Simply tag your images with #TriumphantTales and once a month, at the end of the month, we will pick a selection of our favourites and share them here in the linky post. Obviously, at the moment, this will just be me, but Lianne will be joining in when she is back to full-time co-host duties! I can’t wait to see your photographs over the coming weeks!

*Please note, by using the #triumphantales hashtag on Instagram, you give permission for the photos to be shared in the Triumphant Tales blog post should they be selected.


Triumphant Tales Instagram


Thanks to all that have tagged #TriumphantTales on their Instagram photos so far, here are a few from the last couple of weeks that have caught my eye.


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My little prince and princess all ready for their Royal Wedding Party at nursery! I was very jealous of all the staff dressed up in their own pretty dresses – I'm not sure I could even get into my wedding dress now 😮 So nice to see everyone so happy at 8am, even if you don't believe in all the wedding hype you can't help but love the fact there is happy news on for a change! Frasers outfit is by the hugely talented @joannacook9985 with Daisy Bay clothing! #royalwedding #prince #princess #dressedup #partylife #kidsofig #instamoment #cherishthemoments #capturingchildhood #mumsnaps #smileyfaces #coolmumclub #triumphanttales #kidsfashion #handmade #supportsmallbusiness #mumsthatgotthis

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#whenIfoundmyfierce What makes me happy and so proud are the fact I have bi-racial children and as daft as it sounds but the fact it's being spoken about now because of #meghanmarkle being married into the British Royal family. My eldest daughter is partly Chinese and my youngest is partly Jamaican – both of these things in itself has been alot to process. I've had labels of slag, slut, hoe – all the derogatory terms – I get slut shamed for not even being promiscuous but because I have children of different origins which used to upset me but the older I get the more I know it isn't true and ignorant people say ignorant things. Things in life haven't been in my control, I didn't chose to be in abusive relationships or cheated on or anything else that has happened but what I did chose is to leave them and move on. I'm grateful I've met people in the online world that have their own cultures, creed, sexuality, gender ideas that accept that the world isn't black and white. They accept different is ok. They don't misunderstand a situation and assume the worst in someone. I have followers from Canada, America, China etc and they all have such a variety of culture it's beautiful and exotic. I have mixed race children and I'm proud of them (and proud of my son of course) I'm not ashamed of my family and I wont hide them or myself. • • • Day 16 #100happydays #100daysofhappiness #multiethnic #polyethnic #screwyourjudgement #progress #mumlife #mixedrace #biracial #biracialbabies #instakids #mumblogger #netmums #netmumsbloggers #multiracial #quarterlife #triumphanttales #pointshoot #photalife #parenting #lincolnshire #outdoorsfamilylife #thesatsesh #louthmummies #proud #beachday #instakids #channelmumvillage #BeBrave

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On to the linky!

The first post I’m sharing this week Five Going On Fifteen, an observational post about my ‘not so’ Little Man. My second post is a fab little giveaway you might be interested in – Win a £30 voucher to use at Tenstickers. Tenstickers produce wall stickers and decals to decorate your house, mess free! Good luck if you chose to enter!

For those of you that are new here, welcome along and let me introduce the linky to you.

Me and the lovely Lianne over at Mrs Mummy Harris have teamed up to host #TriumphantTales; a parenting/family and lifestyle linky where pretty much any kind of posts are welcome!

Perhaps you have reviewed something for a company you’ve been wanting to work with for a while? Did you successfully have a night without baby stirring? Perhaps your child successfully uses the potty, or even more so… have you managed a whole day without thinking of wine o’clock?



Featured Blogger

This is where Lianne and I will each pick our favourite post from the week before. The lucky blogger will then get to take home a Featured Blogger badge and pin it on their blog!

I’ve decided that whilst Lianne is taking a break from the linky, I will pick TWO Featured Bloggers – it makes sense. We would normally pick one each and so it’s only fair that you still get two chances! So without further ado…

This week’s first featured blogger is Kate On Thin Ice with her post Is It Ever Ok To Say That Something Is Not Good Enough?  My second featured blogger is The Mum Conundrum with her post So, What If You’re Not ‘Just A Bit Tired and Stressed Out’?

Thank you both for contributing such great posts – I urge you all to go and check them out if you haven’t already. Don’t forget your badge guys!


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