Making Plans As A Family for 2019

Making Plans As A Family for 2019

As a busy family, I think it’s important to make plans and set some goals. Life can get so busy that before you know it, the months have gone by and you haven’t done much together. This is not how I want our little boy to remember his childhood. I want him to look back and remember the fun times he had and the quality time spent together as a family. This is far more important than any money spent. With this in mind, let’s look ahead at our plans for 2019.


A family holiday

Last year we didn’t get to go abroad for our annual holiday so this year, we plan on getting on a plane and going somewhere nice and warm for a week or so. We have been taking the little man abroad since he was a baby so he is used to going on an aeroplane. He handles the heat surprisingly well too so it will be nice to go and make some more memories of blue skies and long hot days. If you need some holiday inspiration more info on fab family holidays, take a look at the Mark Warner holidays website.


Getting green-fingered

We have been living in our house for five years next year and every year we say that we want to make our garden nice. All we have is a patio and grass. There is no flower borders, no decking and I have to be honest, I really don’t like it. It’s not somewhere that I want to spend my summer evenings in, so this year, as a family we plan on doing something about it. Little Man has been going to a gardening club after school this term, so he already has an interest which we will be encouraging. It will a lovely little family project that we can all get involved in, with hopefully a result that will be beneficial for us all – a perfect garden space.


Revamping the bedrooms

As well as the garden, the inside of the house could do with a little TLC. If the project in the garden goes well, I hope to transfer our teamwork skills inside the house. Little Man has just turned six and I think has outgrown his Thomas The Tank Engine wallpaper. He tells me he wants Minecraft instead. Mama here is thinking something a bit neutral will be better so that it lasts, but we shall see. Either way, we need to update it for him and try and rearrange his room to give him a bit more space to make way for the never-ending piles of Lego that keep descending on the house!

We could do with to make a bit more room in our own bedroom as well, so once we have sorted the little man’s room out, we will have a go at our own.


Making the most of the weekends

As I said earlier, the weeks go by so fast so next year I really want to make the most of the weekends as a family. Sometimes they whizz by in a blur of housework, grocery shopping and washing, but I think it’s really important to spend at least one of the days at the weekend doing something together as a family. Whether this is a trip to the park, a road trip or just a movie afternoon. Time is precious and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to spend quality time together.


Are you making plans as a family for 2019? What do you have on your list? Let me know in the comments.



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Making Plans As A Family for 2019




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