Boom25 – A Cashback Website With A Difference – Review

Boom25 – A Cashback Website With A Difference – Review

As someone who does most of her shopping online, when Boom25 got in touch to ask me if I would like to review their new cashback website, I was very interested.

I have explained before why I love online shopping. Not only do I rarely find the time to mooch around the shops these days, but I love a bargain. Online shopping allows me to search for the best deals possible all from the comfort of my own sofa. It just appeals to me, so when I discovered that Boom25 offers shoppers the opportunity to be refunded, in full, I had to find out more. Especially as my favourite store, Superdry, were involved – this is the kind of cashback shopping I was keen to be involved in.


Boom 25 - A Cashback Website With A Difference - Review


What is Boom25?

Boom25’s slogan is ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’. Plain and simple. They have partnered with a huge selection of retailers, and all ones that you will have heard of. I’m talking about the likes of Marks and Spencer, Tesco’s, Superdrug and eBay. Every 25th shopper is a winner and with regular special promos sometimes your odds are as good as 1:10 or lower!

Take a look at this short Boom25 tutorial.



Ease of the website

Boom25 is free and costs absolutely nothing to sign up to you. As with most sites these days, you can sign up using your Facebook account, or of course your email address. It took seconds to sign up and I was inside the site and browsing all of the stores available to get potential ‘booms’ from, within minutes of signing up.

Hot Deals aren’t hidden on the Boom25 site and are there for you to see on the home page. Hot Deals are where your odds of winning your purchase price back are even higher. For example, every 20th, 15th or even 10th shopper will win the money back.


Boom 25 - A Cashback Website With A Difference - Review


There is a ‘popular retailers’ tab and also a tab for the complete list of retailers broken down into categories, so you really can have a good browse if it’s a specific item you are after. If there is a specific store that you are looking for, you can use the search bar to see if you are in luck.



The number of retailers that Boom25 have partnered with is impressive, to say the least. Out of all of them, the one that I am most excited about is Tesco. I do an online shop with Tesco every single week. Will I now be beginning my shop from the Boom25 website? Without a shadow of a doubt. For the sake of a couple of extra clicks, I will be in with a chance every week of winning my money back on something I would be buying anyway – it’s a no-brainer in my opinion. I love that even if I’m not the lucky 25th customer with an eligible purchase, I’ll get a bonus to go in my pot, ready to be paid out when I do have a win. It’s a nice way to let you down gently and a thank you for using the site.


Boom 25 - A Cashback Website With A Difference - Review


What’s the catch?

There has got to be one, surely? Well, it doesn’t look like there is. Every time someone makes a purchase through Boom25, they receive a commission from the store as an affiliate partner. Boom25 keep a little of that commission to pay for the business and then they collect the rest for the Boom 25 winners. The pooled cash funds are the payout for every lucky 25th purchase.

Boom25 have an excellent rating on Trust Pilot with over 800 reviews – 93% of which are extremely happy customers. Boom25 is ranked 13 out of 74 in their Online Marketplace category.



Well. I’m pretty gutted I didn’t discover Boom25 before I had done all of my Christmas shopping – all of which I have done online! I know for a fact that I would have used Boom25 to be in with a chance of winning some of that money back. With this in mind, I will definitely be doing my online shopping via Boom25 in future. Like I said earlier, it’s a no-brainer in my opinion, and all of the existing happy customers can’t be wrong.




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Boom 25 - A Cashback Website With A Difference - Review





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