Home Office vs Rented Office – Which Is Best?

Home Office vs Rented Office – Which Is Best?

Working at home has recently become a very trendy thing to do. There are many advantages to working at home but it does have its disadvantages as well. It’s not always that practical but sometimes it is more appealing. Today we are going to look at home office vs rented office. What are the pros and cons, and which should you go for?


Home office



  • relatively inexpensive or even free
  • commuting time eliminated
  • familiar, convenient and comfortable


  • possibly many distractions, such as family if they are home and the television.
  • working at home alone can be very lonely
  • work time and leisure time can end up being blended together resulting in no time to completely switch off


A home office environment is best suited for people who are extremely focused and self-motivated. They need to be people who aren’t easily distracted or have the discipline to create a clear separation between work and leisure time. It will also help if they are very well organised to assist in the mission to stay focussed.


Rented office



  • Flexible office will give you private space in which to focus on work at the times that you want to work
  • Offices look professional and are extremely good for your business branding
  • By renting an office, it is excellent for developing a large company where intra-company collaboration, but not inter-company collaboration, is encouraged


  • Office lets often require year-long commitments
  • A private office space can sometimes feel lonely and isolating if you are used to a bigger space


A rented office would be best suited to people who want a private, professional working environment in which to focus outside of the home, but don’t necessarily want to network, collaborate, and hang out with other entrepreneurs. These offices to rent in Liverpool are a fantastic example of how a business can be professional and independent whilst remaining affordable.


At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and affordability, but it is also worth thinking about what is best for the business. Without the business, there wouldn’t be the choice. I hope this list has helped if you are weighing up your home office vs rented office options.



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Home Office vs Rented Office - Which Is Best?




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