Get A Productive Workspace At Home

Get A Productive Workspace At Home

With more companies introducing flexible hours and more and more people biting the bullet and going self-employed, Britons are finding themselves working home more often than ever. Working from home sounds fabulous, and it can be. But it can take a lot to stay motivated. But get the right workspace at home and there is nothing stopping you from being as productive at home as you would be in the office.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you get a productive workspace at home.


Find a quiet spot

Excessive noise can have a negative impact on work quality and productivity. Therefore it is wise to find a quiet spot to use as your workspace. If you have space in your garden, a garden room is an ideal location as it is away from the hustle and bustle and distraction of home.


Add some plants

Let’s face it, plants make any room look homely and inviting and this can be the same for an office. If you are anything like me and struggle to keep plants alive, invest in some artificial greenery instead. Even a bunch of artificial flowers will make your workspace more inviting, thus making you more productive.


Be selective with your colour scheme

Hot pink walls might seem like a good on first thought, but how will you really feel if you have to look at that much vibrancy day in, day out? Recent research conducted revealed that workers are most productive in offices decorated in calming colours such as pale green and blue. Think about adding some attractive wall art or some inspirational quotes to the wall space too.


Keep your office clutter free

Plenty of storage space is a must to aid in keeping your office clutter free. Keep paperwork filed away and only keep things on your desk that you really need. Not only to piles of unnecessary files look unsightly but they also create a distraction from the job in hand.


Perfect the temperature

The great thing about working in your own home office is that you will have no one arguing with you about the temperature. You can never please everyone in a shared office and there is always someone who is too hot or someone who is too cold. People are most productive when the temperature is between 20 -25 degrees. But of course, everyone is different. Set it to what makes you comfortable and you are good to go.


Apple Home Improvements, have released an infographic all about tips for creating a productive workspace, especially when working from home. Take a look at it to read more about the tips I have mentioned and get five more to help you make the most of your home office and get a productive workspace at home.


Get A Productive Workspace At Home




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Get A Productive Workspace At Home




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