How To Road Trip Australia On A Budget

How To Road Trip Australia On A Budget

Road tripping can be an exhilarating experience, especially the unplanned, disorganised types that sometimes lead to nowhere and at other times lead to a great adventure. Australia’s landscape has to be one of the most interesting and diverse in the world and road tripping through the country is an unforgettable experience and for many, it’s one for the bucket list. The world’s largest island and home to the world’s sixth largest population, travellers, tourists, and even Aussie residents road trip the country to enjoy sun, sea and surf, have epic wildlife encounters, sip wine at famous vineyards or go on an off-road outback adventure.

But as a country with one of the highest costs of living in the world, can you road trip in Australia with a limited budget? Getting to your dream destination can begin when you apply now for a secured car loan for that fantastic ride that will take you any place your heart desires. Even better for your wallet, your next road trip anywhere in Australia does not necessarily require you emptying your accounts or require you charging up your credit cards.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can do an Aussie road trip on a budget.

Save On Fuel

One of the biggest expenses you will have on any road trip is obviously fuel. Typically, fuel costs will vary depending on where you are in the country. In the outback and in some of the major cities, petrol costs will increase, so fill up before you go and whenever you see lower fuel costs. Moreover, when travelling, pay attention to fuel prices as you are driving, and when possible, fill up if the cost of fuel is much cheaper. Consider getting a fuel card that can offer you points and discounts on petrol purchases.  

Travel During The Off Season

Another way to make big savings while road tripping is to travel during off seasons. The summer months are a draw for tourists and residents alike which can make it expensive to book accommodation, get passes to amusement parks and other attractions, and of course, petrol is more expensive in the summer too. One way to avoid this is to travel when hotels, restaurants, and rental car companies are trying to get business, so they often offer significant discounts.

Cater For Yourself

Travellers can also reduce the amount of money they spend significantly by purchasing their own food and self-catering. The costs associated with grabbing snacks and food at convenience stores, fast food outlets, and restaurants can really add up. Moreover, many hotel accommodations come fitted out with kitchenettes, microwaves, and small refrigerators, so you can cook for yourself. This gives you the option of going out to eat once or twice during the trip, as opposed to eating out and therefore spending more for the entire trip.

Find Alternative Lodgings

In addition to hotels and other traditional overnight accommodations, Australia offers travellers at least three other options that can keep costs low. Airbnbs and hostels are very inexpensive ways to fund a trip with some airbnbs even offering accommodation cheaper than the typically lower-priced hostels. Another cost-cutting suggestion is renting a campervan that’s outfitted for both travel, sleeping, and cooking. Many of these campers have a small stove for cooking and space for comfortable sleeping, and these vans are great for extended road trips through the country as you save on accommodation and eating out.

Travelling On A Budget

Budgeting while travelling can be painful, and sometimes, can dampen the enjoyment of your trip. However, the variety of options for today’s road trippers make it possible to still have a memorable trip. When all is said and done, with the extra savings, you can save up for your next adventure sooner.



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How To Road Trip Australia On A Budget




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