Why Compact Sofas Are The Perfect Choice For Smaller Living Spaces

Why Compact Sofas Are The Perfect Choice For Smaller Living Spaces

Trying to make more space is an everlasting battle in my house, and if you’re anything like me then keeping clutter at bay is a major source of anxiety! As more and more of us live in flats and smaller homes in busier cities, we’re often faced with the conundrum of having to decorate a titchy living room but still maintain enough space for a family to squeeze in and watch the TV.


Mint green compact sofa


A great way to solve this problem is by downsizing your main pieces of furniture, starting with the sofa. Why have a huge couch when there are so many stylish 2 seater sofas available? After getting one myself, I’m ready to wax lyrical about all of the advantages of a smaller settee. Here are just some of the reasons I love them:


They’re super cosy

After a long hard day at work, there’s nothing better than getting cosy with your other half or kids on a small and snug sofa. Choose one with arms to prop you up as you indulge in that cheeky forty winks,  Sunday nap or family film-watching session.


They take up less space

A rather obvious point, but the main upside of investing in a 2 seater sofa – they slot right into the corner of any room leaving plenty of space for the rest of your lounge! If you use your space well, building a tableau around your downsized sofa can reinvent a room and easily create the illusion of more square meters.


Grey compact sofa with pink cushion


They leave more room for extras

If you’re an interiors shopaholic like me then this point will ring true to you too. There’s nothing I love more than perusing for new elegant homewares online or at vintage fairs. You do the maths; smaller sofa + more lounge space = room for added extras! More space in your lounge means you can get busy buying alluring accoutrements like a statement coffee table, quirky pouffe or statement rug.


They’re undoubtedly chic

White compact sofas next to cactus





If you’re a lover of modern, mid-century designs, there are plenty of compact sofa options for you. Those with a square back, no arms and wooden legs make an undeniably chic addition to your lounge and exude a cool retro vibe that is sure to please every member of the family.







They blend right in

A smaller silhouette means that your sofa won’t detract from the rest of the room. A 2 seater style, especially one without arms, won’t overpower a feature wall or take the spotlight off other favourite items in your lounge. Invest in one of these darling dinky designs and watch eclectic knick-knacks take centre stage in your living space.


So what do you think about 2 seater sofas? Would you buy one for your own home?



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