6 Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Hacks

6 Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Hacks

We’ve already talked about giving your home a Spring makeover but whilst you’re doing so you will likely want to have a good clean while you’re at it. This can be a mundane, time-consuming task for anyone so I have put together 6 time-saving spring cleaning hacks to help you out this Springtime.



Cleaning window blinds at home is possible. If you have vertical blinds, roll them up and put them in an empty pillow case to protect them, and use a gentle wash cycle designed for woollens and delicates.

If, like mine, yours get covered in cat hair from your beloved fluff ball sitting in the window watching the world go by, rub them down with a pair of rubber gloves, pet hair will stick to the gloves making it much easier to remove.

Blinds are particularly important if you have a bird in the house as these can help protect your feathered companion from potential accidents and injuries due to collisions.



Lampshades attract annoying and stubborn dust and not only look unsightly but can be tricky to clean. Well, not anymore. Use a typical lint roller, or even sellotape to remove the dust without damaging the delicate shade.



You can clean children’s plastic toys effectively by putting them in the dishwasher along with the usual detergent or tablet. This is a great way to get lots done all at once and it also sanitises them ready to be played with again. Just don’t forget to remove the batteries!



Instead of scrubbing your shower head, fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and tie it on to your shower head overnight. By the time you remove the bag the next morning, your showerhead will be positively gleaming.



Like lampshades, leafy houseplants can develop layers of dust. Nobody wants to be cleaning them by hand. Like us, houseplants can benefit from a shower, so put your plants in the bathtub and let the cool shower run over them for a few minutes. Leave them to dry and then return them to their usual spot, refreshed and clean.


6 Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Hacks



So there we have 6 time-saving spring cleaning hacks to help you on your way this Springtime. Do you have any others you would like to add? Leave them in the comments. I’d love to read them.



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  1. 16th October 2018 / 3:06 pm

    Awesome time-saving cleaning tips Jaki! Rubber gloves and lint roller are my favorites for tackling pet hairs and dust. The showerhead hack will definitely save me a couple of minutes and efforts.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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