10 Steps to Follow Before Installing Laminate Flooring

10 Steps to Follow Before Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is popular because it closely resembles hardwood flooring, but without the cost and the complicated installation. Laminate flooring in Allen TX is actually made from pressed wood that has been topped with a wood grain sheet and a clear plastic surface. It looks nice, holds up well, and even better, is fairly easy to install. Before you contact an expert from Wraps Studio, consider installing your laminate flooring yourself. These ten easy to follow steps will help you along the way.


1) Let the Flooring Acclimate

Before you start installing it, the laminate needs to acclimate to the conditions of your home. Place it in the room that will be installed in and let it sit for 48 hours.


2) Take Off The Baseboards and Molding

Carefully pry the baseboards from the walls and remove any molding that goes around the base of the floor. You’ll need to reinstall them once your new floor is in.


3) Make Sure the Floor Is Level

The floor needs to be level for your laminate boards to sit correctly. You may find yourself sanding down sections of the subfloor, levelling out any dips, and installing an underlayer. Don’t use self-levelling compounds, as they can cause additional issues under the floorboards.


4) Lay Out Your Planks

Start laying the planks out on the floor. Make sure that the tongue is facing the wall with the groove on the other side. Take note of any boards that will need to be cut down to fit properly.


5) Make Your Cuts

Before you start installing the floors, make any necessary cuts to the boards. Note that while the tongue side should be facing the wall, you actually need to cut the tongue off of those boards to make them sit correctly.


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6) Don’t Forget About the Expansion Gap

Your laminate flooring will expand and contract with the seasons, so leave a gap of between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch in between the wall and the first row of board. This will be covered by the baseboards, so no one will know that it’s there.


7) Use a Tapping Block

After you have the first few rows installed, use a hammer and a designated tapping block (one that you don’t mind denting) to push the remaining boards from flooring in Allen TX into place.


8) Watch for Debris

You don’t want to trap any debris in between your new floor and the subfloor, so be prepared to clean things up as you continue the process.


9) Do the Door Casings Last

The toughest parts of the installation, according to Wraps Studio, are the door casings. They’ll need to be carefully cut to fit (use a template to make this easier) and then slid into place.


10) Reinstall Your Baseboard and Moldings

Finally, reinstall the baseboard and moldings that you removed in step one. Your new floor will look great once everything has been cleaned and hammered into place.



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