5 Tips On Making Your Living Room Cosy

5 Tips On Making Your Living Room Cosy

I’m sorry but I think I blinked and missed Summer. I’m always disappointed when this happens but on the flipside, I do get excited when you can start to think about getting all cosy for Autumn. Last year I wrote a post on getting your bedroom cosy for Autumn, this year I want to concentrate on making my living room cosy.

I’ve not been a fan of my living room lately. I think this could partly be down to the fact that it’s been taken over in recent years by all different kinds of toys, but now that the little man has started school and we recently had a good tidy up and clear out, I am ready to embrace it again and make some changes.

I decided to turn to some of my fellow bloggers for some inspiration and as always, they have come up trumps. There were so many different suggestions from different people that I’ve decided to collate them all and give credit at the end. So please do check out their awesome blogs, if you get the chance.

  1. Candles are by far the most popular choice when it comes to cosying up a space. They’re huge these days, aren’t they? So many to choose from. If you are concerned about having a naked flame around, you can always opt for electric candles that give the same effect. Scented candles are always a bonus as you get to choose from so many autumnal smells. I also like burners with wax melts and already have a couple in the house. Time to get buying some new smells I think.
  2. Lighting, it seems, is paramount in ensuring you keep your living room cosy. Low lighting is a must, nobody wants glaring bright lights of an evening, so soft gentle lights are the way forward. Even a string of lights across the mantelpiece or around a mirror or picture frame would give a warming effect. I’m really keen on this idea. I always live just having fairy lights on at Christmas, so why not get something you can have all year round?
  3. Cushions – and lots of them! If you want to change up your current theme, buy new covers or treat yourself to some new ones altogether. They don’t have to be really expensive. I love the furry ones that you can buy. A good excuse to cuddle up to something soft when the nights get colder.
  4. Throws and blankets were also a popular choice. Again, I would love a furry blanket to get cosy under, with a glass of wine, box of chocolates and a good film. Then when it’s not being used it can be used as a throw on your sofa to change up the day to day look and feel of your room.
  5. Good quality thick curtains will not only make the room feel cosy but they will also help reduce your energy bills by keeping the cold out. When the colder weather kicks in and the nights get darker, there is nothing nicer than shutting the world out and relaxing in the warm.

Well for someone who was craving the Summer that never was, after all of these tips, I’m ready to go shopping for cushions and throws! I’m actually going to make an effort this year and see how I can change the room up a bit.

As promised, a huge thank you to my fellow bloggers for their contributions. Please do go and check out these fabulous blogs.


Do you have any further suggestions for making your living room cosy? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my to do list!!



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