Choosing New Windows

Choosing New Windows

The trouble with owning a house, as lovely as it is, there is always some kind of expense. Whether it’s simple things like decorating or the more expensive things like new windows. You never really have any money when you have a house because there is always something that needs doing!


Choosing new windows is a huge decision. They are expensive and you need to be certain that you are going to happy with what you choose because they aren’t the kind of things that you buy every year. They have to last and you have to be content with your decision.


So many different types!

Unless you have bought new windows in the past, you probably haven’t given much thought about all of the different types there are available. Different types of new windows cost different amounts of money, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when shopping around. It’s certainly not a job you want to rush.


What style of windows would you prefer? Sash, casement, tilt and turn or fixed? Some styles will suit your house design better than others. What type, how many openings? What material? Will you want UPVC, aluminium or wood? Single, double or triple glazing? All of these things need taking into consideration so it’s important that you compare window quotes so that you know for sure that you can realistically afford all of the things you want.


Do you really need them?

It’s also worth thinking as well whether you actually need to replace the windows. For example, is one window draughty? Perhaps think about a draught excluder. Has the window stopped working properly? In this instance, a quick, easy fix could be replacing the locking mechanisms instead of the whole window. If the glass is broken, think about replacing just the glass. These are cheaper options if you want to avoid replacing all of the windows for the time being.


Don’t rush!

Windows can be complex and it’s always worth speaking to a professional but without getting reeled in by the smooth sales talk. Only agree to something that you are 100% satisfied and happy with, because only then will you truly enjoy your new windows for years to come.




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