How To Modernise Your Home On A Budget

How To Modernise Your Home On A Budget

We haven’t all got money to burn and so today I’m going to help you learn how to modernise your home on a budget.

Home interiors can get tired and boring and every now and again we all need a pick me up. This is when we can look into ways of making your home more appealing to both you and your visitors, without breaking the bank. I recently enjoyed giving my living room a makeover. I was inspired to do this when we got our new sofas. We didn’t spend a fortune, but with little touches here and there, the room instantly felt more cosy, homely and far more welcoming. It’s a room we really enjoy spending time in now, whereas we didn’t before.

Top Tips To Modernise Your Home

Whether it’s ripping up the carpets and replacing them with laminate flooring or giving the walls a quick lick of paint, when you modernise your home, you can really make all the difference to the overall feel. Some of you might not want that much disruption, so if that’s the case, there are other ways to reinvent a room.

Take a look at these suggestions for how to modernise the home without spending a small fortune, and with a bit of luck, you will be inspired to take some of their ideas and start making over one or two rooms in your own home.

living room with table showing ways to modernise your home

A change in decor

Keeping to a theme can really upgrade your home. Pick a few colours and find little embellishments that compliment the theme’s colours. That really helps to upgrade your home quickly and cheaply. Check out this post, A Beginners Guide To Decorating With Colour for more tips.

A fresh lick of paint in a neutral colour can make a big difference.

Add a feature wall either with a bold paint colour or wallpaper.

Additional accessories

Install some plug sockets with USB charging ports. They are cheap to buy and easy to install. It means that you can charge your phone and tablets without the need for an unsightly plug.

Some new pictures on the wall and ornaments can make all the difference. Having plants and flowers around the home is a lovely touch, too.

A candle tray on a coffee table. Fill it with different styles and light them of an evening for a cosy feel.

New cushions and some cosy throws. An instant way to make your lounge or living room more inviting.

Revamp furniture

Make your kitchen feel more modern by changing door handles, replacing worktops and giving it a lick of paint.

Upcycling furniture! Revamp current furniture with a new coat of paint and replace knobs/door handles in different styles. This is fairly cheap and can make a big difference. A new rug can also have a huge impact on a room makeover and can be bought cheaply from charity shops, markets or even Freecycle.

Change Your Flooring

A room can feel completely different when you change the flooring. Laminate flooring is both modern and can be much easier to keep clean and tidy than regular carpets. This is a great option if you have young children and you don’t want them spilling things on an expensive carpet.

Kitchen vinyl flooring can be replaced with floor tiles. Vinyl can sometimes rip quite easily so if this has happened in your kitchen, consider upgrading to more robust floor tiles.

If you want a quick fix, buy a rug and place it in the centre of the room, perhaps under a coffee table. This can make a room instantly more welcoming and can also hide any stains you may have on your existing flooring.

Little touches

Decluttering! Only have the things you regularly use visible and using baskets or boxes to store items makes a world of difference in the look and feel of a room. It’s also a chance to upcycle of you have interesting containers lying around.

Sticky Vinyl cupboard covers/wrapping are a great way of modernising your kitchen on a budget. I’ve seen some amazing transformations using it and it’s much cheaper and quicker than buying all new doors/worktops.


So, you see, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to modernise your home. You don’t have to turn the house upside down to do so either. A lot of these ideas can be implemented over a period of time and gradually you will have completed a great little house makeover resulting in a fabulous new feel for your home.


Can you suggest any other ways to modernise your home on a budget? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about them.



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