Is It Cancer? Know Your Lymphatic Disorders

Is It Cancer? Know Your Lymphatic Disorders

If you’ve never heard of Paris Spleen, a collection of prose poems by Charles Baudelaire, you need to have a look at the English translation of his works. Baudelaire’s prose paints a contemporary picture of the Parisian lifestyle in the 19th Century, which is a great travel companion if you’re going to visit the French capital soon! It’ll be fun to compare the Paris of Baudelaire with the Paris of today. But there’s something else that the poet did, and that’s giving the spleen its letters of nobility in literature.

When it comes to the medical organ, though, the world needs another Baudelaire to make the spleen and its lymphatic system the centre of all attention. Indeed, how well do you understand the functions of the lymph tissue and nodes can help you answer a more important question when it comes to your health: Is my lymphatic disorder a sign of cancer?

Blausen Female Lymphatic System

The spleen is the largest organ of the lymphatic system

The worst case: When it’s cancer

There are a variety of lymphatic disorders, so it’s important to understand that not all of them are synonymous with cancer. Nevertheless, it is essential to become aware of the symptoms of lymphatic cancer, which is referred to as lymphoma. If you want to read more about a story of follicular lymphoma, please head to this article, Lymphatic Cancer – How Much Do You Know?

In short, it is the UK’s fifth most common type of cancer, but due to its subtle symptoms, a lot of people may never seek medical attention for it. Symptoms such as a lump in your lymph nodes areas – neck, armpit or groin –, feelings of exhaustion, weight loss, and excessive sweating at night are typical of this complex disease.

Most commonly: The old infection

Now, having mentioned that a lump in one of main lymph nodes areas is one of the signs of lymphoma, it doesn’t mean that swollen lymph glands are synonymous with cancer. In fact, if you check this handy website, patient.info, you’ll find out that the most common cause of a lymphatic disorder is an infection of the lymph nodes. This is the case if you’re struggling with a cold or a throat infection, for instance, or a virus. As your immune system fights off the germs, the lymph glands can swell to the size of marbles in your neck, your armpit or groin area. This is the most common reason for a feeling a lump in those areas.

Your lymphatic system is clogged up

Feeling exhausted and sweating excessively are indications that your lymphatic system is struggling with an issue. You’d be pleased to know it’s more common to be diagnosed with a clogged up system than with cancer when you’re experiencing specific symptoms. Indeed, exhaustion, enlarged lymph nodes, and a weak immune system can indicate that the lymphatic fluid isn’t moving effectively and that toxins are building up in your body. A change of diet and the introduction of exercise can help you address the issue successfully.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining your immune system strong as its primary function is to transport white blood cells in the lymph. Unfortunately, it’s prone to health disorders, so it’s important to identify symptoms rapidly to seek medical advice. Stay safe, be lymph-aware!


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