Your True Country Cottage: Bringing that Rustic Feel Indoors

Your True Country Cottage: Bringing that Rustic Feel Indoors

It’s the charm of the country that inspires many of us to live there. As most of its dwellers and admirers will say, nothing captures the rural landscape more than a traditional cottage.

If you own such a place, however, you will know that its interior can influence its country feel just as much as its exterior.

Deciding what kind of items to furnish our homes with is tricky enough, especially when we are wanting to create a particular kind of vibe. And it’s no different for a country cottage.

But this doesn’t have to be a difficult task – in fact, when you know where to look for the best furniture, it can be hugely enjoyable.


Begin with the Basics

Before lunging into the throws of the finishing touches like bedding and linen, it’s worth beginning with the fundamentals. To ensure that everything is tip-top ready for the customising part of your redesign, make sure that your storage facilities do not only fit in with the exterior country aesthetic but also help elevate it.

Traditionally, wardrobes and cupboards in a cottage would have been tailored to the customers’ preferences, rather than being manufactured. So why should your country home be any different? Look to brands like Cotswold Co., for high-quality storage solutions that boast authentic rustic charm.


Embrace your Eccentricities

No one person is the same – this is what makes life so exciting! As home designer and Vogue writer Caroline Paterson so rightly put it, the epitome of the authentic twenty-first-century country house rests perfectly between contemporary and antique design. And because objects exert a larger presence in smaller living areas, this most definitely applies to the rural cottage.

What’s fun about this? Well, you can go wild with it by selecting items that convey the unique personalities of your home’s inhabitants completely. The true country cottage has always been esoteric to its owner, so this could help to elevate the country appeal of your property.


The Magic of Mess

Too much mess around the house can be an unsightly hindrance. However, when placed in convenient spaces, book piles can ooze homeliness. Stores specialising in vintage editions are easy to find both on and offline, and each contains rare literary gems that will hugely increase the rustic factor of your abode. Tattered and old releases could heighten the traditional vibe, helping to transform it into an idyllic country home. You could decorate these piles to enhance this effect even more.


Tell a Story

Our homes tell the story of us, our families and what we love most about life. When we design our houses, we become authors as well as artists. To create a home steeped in character, visit nearby markets to inquire about the history behind the objects. Alternatively, explore the various ways of vintage shopping affordably.  Tradition is at the heart of the rural interior scene – so decorating your cottage with objects that relate to your local area and community could assist with achieving a highly authentic country living space.



As so many of us love the countryside, it’s only right that our interior décor reflects this. When your country cottage is made to be as authentic, traditional, and as cosy as possible, it can become idyllic both inside and out. What’s more, it can represent you and your family perfectly.



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Your True Country Cottage: Bringing that Rustic Feel Indoors




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