How To Take Care Of The UK’s Wild Birds

How To Take Care Of The UK’s Wild Birds

It’s that time of year where we should be thinking about our little-feathered friends outside. If it’s cold for us, it is cold for them and the food is in short supply. They need to eat regularly to keep warm in the cold Winter weather. Feeding wild birds will not only help them, but there are plenty of other benefits too.

Feeding birds can be a really interesting and educational activity for all ages. Just by watching birds you will learn about their different behaviours. You may even find yourself with a new hobby.

Whilst it is important to feed the birds, it’s also important to make sure you feed them the right type of food and feed them in the correct way. For example, Blue Tits should be fed husk free seed mixes, suet balls and peanuts via a hanging feeder whilst a Blackbird should be fed sultanas, rolled oats and sunflower hearts either on a bird table or from the ground.


Feed The Birds


This handy infographic put together by Trago Mills is perfect to print off and put up in your kitchen as a quick reminder for how you can help the wild birds in your garden this Winter. Don’t forget about them when you do your weekly shop and make sure you pick something up to make their cold days a little more pleasant.


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How To Take Care Of The UK's Wild Birds




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