3 Reasons Why Instagram Has Caused Such a Stir in the Social Media

3 Reasons Why Instagram Has Caused Such a Stir in the Social Media

Instagram is one of the most visited websites on the internet. Since its takeover by Facebook amounting to 1 billion dollars, the social photo-sharing platform has provided staggering results and attracted a wide range of users for various reasons. Instagram users mainly comprise of three people; celebrities, professional photographers and people who love taking selfies all day long.

With legions of users belonging to every corner of the world being online and sharing photos/ photobooks created with Mixbook’s photo books by the second, Instagram has successfully become the largest photo-sharing platform in the history of mankind. This is the reason every individual and business look to get Instagram followers. There are three important reasons why Instagram has caused such a stir in social media.


  1. The uniqueness of the concept

The picture profile of Facebook and hashtags of Twitter are the main driving forces that have brought them this far. In my view, Instagram became such a mammoth only because the concept behind the social platform was quite unique. You could only post pictures – perfect for people with an obsession tapping the camera button on their smartphones and snappers.


  1. The celebrities found Instagram doing “just the right job”

Soon, celebrities started signing up and this made it absolutely necessary for a large mass of people to be a part of Instagram. The celebrities brought with them a large movement and brought the picture sharing social platform success in the long run. Instagram recently reported a whopping number of 150 million that represented the count of registered Instagram users willing to share photos with each other.

All celebrities want is paparazzi to keep them in the buzz, and with Instagram, they could become the paparazzi as well as the celebrity themselves! By posting pictures regarding what’s happening in their raved-about lives, the celebrities were able to gain Instagram followers quickly. Today, the showbiz comprises of the largest fan following on the 1-billion-dollar enterprise which, by the way, is now worth way more than just that.


  1. Interactive photo editing and filtering options retained photogenic users for good

Who needs Adobe Photoshop when all you need to do is tap that “share on Instagram” button on your smartphones and a range of photo editing options will be made available to you! Instagram did not only save the hassle of first transferring images to a computer and then editing them via software, but also provided something new and buzz-worthy for smartphone users.


Today, you can create 15-second videos and promote your own brand endorsements on your online portal. The company has even announced sponsored ads that will be coming in soon – talk about how Instagram is good for business!



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3 Reasons Why Instagram Has Caused Such a Stir in the Social Media



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  1. 7th January 2019 / 12:28 pm

    tapping the camera button and taking a photo is available in all social media apps. But the difference in Instagram is that it presents those photos in a way that visually looks much better.

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