The Best UK Autumn Escapes

The Best UK Autumn Escapes

We have just a few short weeks until Christmas descends and half term is just around the corner. The Summer holidays are a distant memory and some can find Autumn a little depressing. It doesn’t have to be though. With stunning colours everywhere outside and with the right clothes to wear, Autumn can be a great time of year for a short break away, and what better way to make the most of the half term holiday than with a little Autumn escape?

I’ve mentioned before about how much the UK has so much to offer in terms of holiday destinations, and this isn’t just in the Spring or Summer. The UK can be stunning all year round and Autumn is no different. Autumn leaves and late afternoon sunshine can make an Autumn holiday one of the most memorable. You just need to pick the right destination.

Here’s my pick of top UK Autumn Holiday locations.



Hedgerows are ten a penny on the Suffolk Coast and, during autumn, there are sun-ripened berries aplenty. Pack your walking shoes, grab some bags or Tupperware pots and go on a berry hunt. Just remember to keep the children well supervised and don’t let them eat unwashed berries!

Stay in one of the superb Suffolk cottages on offer and you will even have the option to take the berries back with you and make a hearty berry pie or crumble, I don’t think I could think of anything better to indulge in after a long day out walking. Except for maybe a cheeky glass of wine to enjoy with it.

After 1st October most beaches allow dogs so if you have a furry friend that you want to take away with you – it’s a perfect time. Wrap up warm and enjoy the stunning coastline in the Autumn sunshine – who says sandcastles are only for the Summer?

In early October, you can witness one of nature’s greatest spectacles: the annual red deer rut. You can hear stags bellowing and maybe even see a clash of antlers. You may even get to spot foxes stalking rabbits too.



Whitby in Yorkshire is a great spot for an Autumn holiday. If it’s a Halloween treat you’re after, then Whitby Abbey should be top of your list. With its gothic architecture on a misty day, it’s the perfect setting for a spooky scene. Between 25th and 31st October, the abbey is illuminated with dramatic lighting – go and see if you can spot Dracula hiding amongst the ruins!

From the 27th October and 4th November, there is also a Spooky Half Term event taking place. You can meet a spooky character and follow a creepy trail. Frightening fancy dress is even encouraged!

If by then you’ve had enough of all of the spooky goings-on, head over to Robyn Hood’s bay for a gentle stroll and take some photographs of the stunning cliffs. A perfect Autumn escape memory.


Stratford Upon Avon

Whilst I visit all year around because it’s my hometown and I’m a little biased, I can’t help but think this blog post is the perfect time to suggest you visit Stratford Upon Avon.

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about when he wrote about Autumn in Sonnet 73:


That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang.


Shakespeare took a great deal of inspiration for his plays from his hometown and it will be clear when you visit why he loved it so much. Taking a simple walk along the River Avon at any time of the year and you will be mesmerised by its beauty, but when it’s done on a chilly Autumn evening as the sun sets, it will take your breath away.

There’s plenty to do in Stratford during the half term week. It coincides with Halloween and there will be potion making at New Place and spooky events at Magic Alley in Bell Court.

If you’re feeling really brave you can take part in one of the Stratford Town Ghost Walks. Take a stroll around the ‘haunted’ streets of the town. Complete with good old-fashioned storytelling, you’re free to make of the stories what you will. For an extra spooking, will you dare to go on the Special Halloween Ghost Walk on 31st October?

(And finally, I’ll let you into a little secret – there are far fewer tourists in Autumn compared to in the Summer!)


So there we have a pick of the top three places to visit if you’re thinking about escaping for Autumn this year. Let me know in the comments if you’re heading off anywhere this half term. I’d love to hear all about it.


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The Best UK Autumn Escapes




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  1. 23rd October 2018 / 7:16 am

    Some lovely places to visit we have been to Stratford a number of times it’s a fantastic place for a day trip so much to do thanks for hosting #truimphanttales

  2. 23rd October 2018 / 8:19 am

    Counties I haven’t explored enough Jaki. It sounds as if Autumn is the perfect time to explore. I have spent a weekend in Strafford Upon Avon and have always wanted to go back. Thanks for the inspiration xx #TriumphantTales

  3. 23rd October 2018 / 8:46 am

    I’ve recently had some fab UK breaks. Thanks for reminding us to vacation at home.

  4. 23rd October 2018 / 11:14 am

    Some brilliant places and outings there. Thanks for sharing. #TriumphantTales

  5. 23rd October 2018 / 3:21 pm

    Every single time someone posts about the UK and shows pictures, I know that I have to visit one day! Thank you for sharing!


  6. 23rd October 2018 / 3:28 pm

    Whitby is one of my favourite places. Even if there are over 100 steps ups to the abbey! Never been to Statford, but it is definitely on my list of places to visit. Great post #TriumphantTales

  7. 23rd October 2018 / 6:34 pm

    So beautiful and amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. #TriumphantTales

  8. 23rd October 2018 / 7:35 pm

    Good shout for Whitby, I haven’t been there in ages! I love holidaying in our country, there’s so much on offer. #TriumphantTales

  9. 23rd October 2018 / 7:55 pm

    I love Stratford-Upon-Avon. It’s one of my favourite places in the UK and not too far from me too. Cream teas in the Autumn in Stratford – perfection x #TriumphantTales

  10. 23rd October 2018 / 11:07 pm

    Pleased to say I have visited all of these partly because my late Dad was so keen on travel at home and overseas. Very good to see the county I was brought up in in the mix too. Whitby is one place I could live so happily and many happy memoires of time there. #TriumphantTales

  11. 24th October 2018 / 9:07 am

    All lovely locations, though I am really find of Yorkshire and the countryside there X #triumphanttales

  12. 24th October 2018 / 2:05 pm

    A ghost walk sounds fun. I was almost going to go to one this past weekend in Salem, where the famous witch trials were, but circumstances changed. Its a great time of year to travel #triumphanttales

  13. 24th October 2018 / 5:00 pm

    Uk breaks are great. We’ve had great trips to Dorset in the autumn in the past and would definitely recommend it #triumphanttales.

  14. 26th October 2018 / 6:39 am

    I spent my childhood at Whitby and love to visit Stratford. I’ve spent the last two weeks in the forest of dean, it is beautiful there at this time of year #triumphanttales

  15. 28th October 2018 / 8:37 pm

    Great choices of locations myfavouritehas to be Suffolk #triumphanttales

  16. 28th October 2018 / 9:04 pm

    We’re just finishing our half term week and we headed to Cromer (North Norfolk) for a weekend camping which was fun, if a little (Very) cold in the morning. #TriumphantTales

  17. 29th October 2018 / 11:00 am

    Autumn is one of my favorite seasons – these places seem ideal for an Autumn breakaway #TriumphantTales

  18. 29th October 2018 / 7:17 pm

    This Yorkshire girl is trying to figure a way to get back there before Christmas !!! Robin Hoods Bay is one of my fave places and the kids love Whitby #triumphanttales

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