A Dream Life In Spain

A Dream Life In Spain

Do you ever think about what life could be like if you packed everything up and moved away to a new life in the sunshine? I often think of a dream life in Spain. Sunshine every day, the sea on tap and the sand at a stone’s throw.


More and more Brits are relocating to Spain each year and it’s hardly surprising given the beautiful properties that are popping up.  New development villas in Marbella are increasingly popular. Marbella, located on the South coast of Span, has the most perfect weather and has an average temperature of 19c – in the Winter! The Summer months peak at around 30c. I could cope with that, couldn’t you?


Marbella doesn’t just offer beautiful weather but there are the historical aspects to consider too. There are ancient castles and quaint fishing towns dating back centuries. There is more to Marbella than nights on the town and days on the beach if you look for it.


If the reasons I’ve given you above aren’t enough for you to consider moving to one of the Luxury properties in Marbella, then let’s look at some other factors that may help you to see why I think life in Marbella might be the way forward.


dream life in Spain


It’s an ideal location for family life. There is a wide range of international schools, in fact, most children growing up in Marbella end up being bilingual! Therefore, children will grow up with a huge knowledge of different cultures. All of this alongside life in the sunshine. Plenty of time to get outside in the warmth and experience life outdoors. There will be less desire for screentime when getting out and about is achievable most days. Imagine weekends on the beach week after week. That’s a real reason to look forward to the weekend!


There is such a healthy lifestyle in Marbella. The Andulasian hills are perfect for hiking and trekking. Exercise with a view? Now you’re talking!  The Mediterranean Sea could also see you make surfing your new favourite pastime too. And with all of this exercise, you are free to eat more of the food that you desire. Mediterranean cuisine is known for being healthy anyway, but Marbella offers an amazing worldwide dining experience with all different types of food widely available. Imagine all of that on your doorstep.


As of 2016, there was thought to be around 320,000 British expats living in Spain. So, moving to Spain doesn’t mean it would be a lonely experience. There are plenty of fellow Brits and like-minded people who have already done what you’re considering.


Moving to a dream life in Spain is very tempting and having researched for this article, it is more tempting than ever. Perhaps it’s one to add to the bucket list?



Have you ever considered moving to Spain? Perhaps you know someone who has? How has their experience been? Let me know in the comments.




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