Childhood memories: Give a gift your children will carry in their hearts forever

Childhood memories: Give a gift your children will carry in their hearts forever

We bet that you can still remember at least one toy from your childhood that left an indelible mark on your memory. Whether it was something you had longed for and begged for, for months or something that was given to you without much fanfare that became your constant companion, these toys are something you carry in your heart forever.


Children become attached to certain cuddly toys because they believe they possess their own unique life force. While this phenomenon of children become deeply physically attached to a particular toy is mostly confined to the Western World, it helps explain why children are so unwilling to be parted from this toy. Even for a much-needed wash.


While you can’t guarantee that any toy you buy a child will become a cherished memory or lifelong companion, there are still certain toy categories that are more beneficial to children than others. These types of toys help children expand their minds, explore their interests, or push them to go outside.


Educational and technology-based toys

Toys that help children learn may not be something they drag through the mud with them and sleep beside, but they will help them expand their minds. Technology-based toys are a great way to do help children learn, and they also prepare them for the technology-inclined world we now live in. While some parents baulk at the idea of electronic toys for a 4-year-old child, there are educational, technological toys aimed at every age group.


Musical toys

Music has been found to be incredibly beneficial for children. Giving a child a musical toy can help them build their fine and gross motor skills, improve their self-esteem, their social skills, and encourage language development. Choose musical toys based on appropriate age ranges and also, on what you’re willing to hear for hours each day.


Artistic toys

Every child loves to colour, draw, and create. Art fosters creativity in children and helps them develop their emotional, mental and social skills. Whether it’s finger painting, sidewalk chalk, or collage, art will help your child discover their passion and help them interact with the world.


Exploratory toys

If your child is a bit older and has started to explore the world on their own, you may consider giving them toys that help them with their newfound interest in the outdoor world. Children are instinctively attracted to nature and will often start making attempts at fabricating “houses” under trees or exploring “new territory” in the backyard. These days, it’s even more important for children to spend time outside than before. Focus that passion by giving them toys like child-friendly compasses or binoculars.


Exercise toys

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you give your 10-year-old a Stairmaster! Instead, these toys encourage children to get outside and move. Things like hula-hoops, scooters, roller blades, and kites are all ways you can encourage your kids to get outside and move their bodies. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, getting your children used to and enjoying moving is incredibly important.



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