5 Alternative Uses for a Credit Card

5 Alternative Uses for a Credit Card

Think you know your credit card? That small rectangular plastic friend who you can rely on to book your holiday or treat yourself pre-payday? With an estimated 59 million credit cards across the UK, offering people access to a pre-approved line of credit regardless of their financial past, our nation is increasingly reliant on them. But aside from their original purpose, these cards also have a host of alternative uses that add real value*.


Think of your credit card as the Swiss army knife of financial products.


1. Ice Scraper

Like socks and keys, ice scrapers are constantly disappearing from our households. Just as the temperature plummets, they frustratingly hide from us. But fear not! Simply use the sides of your credit card to remove ice from your windshield without scratching the glass.


2. Paint Masking

Take a tip from the pros and next time you’re painting in a tight corner, whip out your plastic. It’ll give you a clean, linear finish, without the need to buy expensive tools.


3. Unlock your Door

Be honest, how many films have you seen where a criminal has attempted to break into a house using a credit card? While this may seem far-fetched, a firm yet flexible piece of plastic is effective when easing open doorknob wedge bolts, while it can also unlock spring lever latches on sliding doors. This is ideal when you find yourself locked out, just make sure it’s your house you gain access to and not someone else’s!


4. A Bookmark

While we accept that the need for an emergency bookmark is rare, there are instances where your reading time is suddenly interrupted. So, rather than lose your page in these instances, why not take out a credit card from your wallet and use this to mark your page? Then, you can attend to the business at hand before returning to the book at a later date, without having to waste time desperately scouring for the last page you read.


5. A Grout or Caulking Tool

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, one of the primary joys is completing tasks using an array of unusual techniques and tools. These include the trusty credit card, which is ideal for applying grout in tight, angular spaces when completing projects in the kitchen and bathroom. Aside from contributing to a smooth, uniform finish, it’s also particularly effective at extracting the old grout that rests between thinly spaced tiles.



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