6 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas

6 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas

The Summer is over and as we move into Autumn and spend more time in the house, you start to notice things around the house that you perhaps hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps you feel that you might want to start doing a few things in the house to freshen it up a bit in time for Christmas. I’ve put together six of the best home improvement ideas for you to consider.


Change the lighting

Something as simple as changing up your light fittings can have a huge impact on a room. Add some wall lights if you don’t have any already. Change the lampshades if you’re on a budget. Or if you’re feeling a little more flush, buy new lamps all around. You can even change the type of bulb you use and go for more ambient feel. It will change the whole vibe in a room.


Replace your windows

If you’re windows are in need of replacing, consider swapping to aluminium windows instead of uPVC. Aluminium is a durable yet strong metal, so you can have much slimmer looking windows without compromising on the security, durability and strength. With double and triple glazing still an option, this type of window will give a much more modern and contemporary feel to your house.


Renew the flooring

Have you currently got carpets? Have a think about swapping to laminate flooring instead. Or perhaps you have laminate flooring but fancy feeling more cosy in time for winter with carpets. Flooring is a huge part of your home and swapping something as simple as the flooring will completely change the whole feel of a room.


6 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas


Bathroom makeover

This could be a lick of paint or a whole new bathroom suite, depending on the budget available. Decorate with bright fresh colours and have a look at some bathroom wall art to mix things up a bit. Changing things like towel rails, storage cupboards and shower curtains can have a huge impact on your bathroom and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.


Replace kitchen cupboard doors

You don’t have to rip your kitchen out to give it an exciting new look. You can either paint your existing cupboard doors in a fresh new colour or simply buy replacement doors. Many people do this these days and it’s a great way to give a kitchen a makeover without spending a fortune on new units.


Put up some shelving

There are so many new an exciting ideas for modern shelving these days and this simple idea can completely change the way a room looks. You can use the shelves to prop photo frames on or pieces of art or you can use them for books with quirky bookends. Check out Pinterest for lots of modern shelving ideas to help bring your home into the 21st century.



These are just a few of the best home improvement ideas. I’m sure you may have some more to add to the list. Let me know in the comments if you can think of any more.




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