Make Your Wedding Party One To Remember

Make Your Wedding Party One To Remember

Everyone wants their wedding party to be special, one that goes down in the history books of weddings because of how awesome it was that everyone was up and dancing all night long. But alas, it doesn’t always turn out this way. There are many weddings each year, and a fair percentage seem to blend all into one party because there was nothing to make it stand out! If you currently lack in inspiration, take a read of some of our tips below. It’ll ensure that everyone remembers your wedding party for all the right reasons.


Building Up

People will turn up at your wedding ready to hit the dance floor and throw some shapes, but they’re going to go from nought to sixty miles per hour in an instant. Enter one of the most underrated aspects of any party: the build up! Allow people to mingle in the party area, have a few drinks, chat with one another, and so on, and then slowly work up to dancing time. It works much better than officially announcing that it’s party time. Let people excite themselves up for a night of fun!


Get the Music Right

You could have the greatest collection of partiers the world has ever seen, but if the music isn’t right, then the dance floor isn’t going to be up to much. As we said above, people will arrive ready to have a good time, but they’ll need the tools to be able to do so! Get people in the mood for doing their thing on the dance floor by hiring a live band from this website, and then make sure you have a DJ who knows all the classic, danceable tracks to play. If you have the right music, everyone will want to be on the dance floor until the early hours!


Provide a Chill Out Zone

People will WANT to be dancing all night, but they’re not machines. They won’t have the energy to go all night without taking a break. One that’s very handy at weddings but rarely seen is the “chill out zone,” an area where people can relax and chat with their friends (new and old) without shouting over the music. People will dance for an hour, take a break for twenty, then head back to the dance floor. Perfect!  


Funky Beverages

People drink those ordinary old alcoholic drinks every weekend at their local watering hole. When they’re at a wedding, they want to mix things up! So get creative with your drinks. Regular old beer is out; craft ales are in. You’ll also want to think about adding a few cocktails to the menu, too – they’ll be guaranteed to get people into party mode.


Topping Off With a Surprise

Finally, think about adding a surprise. Having an awesome wedding entrance dance routine or ending the night with fireworks will be the final plus points for your incredible wedding night, which will go from ‘great’ to ‘legendary’ in the eyes of your guests.




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