Your Own Private Spa At Home?

Your Own Private Spa At Home?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a spa day every day? The spa bubbles, the peace and quiet, and the quality ‘me’ time would be perfect. The trouble is, you’re a busy mum. You don’t have time to head out to a spa, and you probably don’t have the budget for that type of luxury lifestyle! Of course, if you could get all the best bits of a spa right here at home, that would be different, wouldn’t it?

Bathroom Renovation or Mum’s Rejuvenation?

If you haven’t upgraded your ensuite bathroom for a few years, then why not treat yourself to something a little special? This is your own private bathroom, away from the noise and chaos of the kids. There are no towels to pick up, no toilets to unblock, and no toothpaste residue all over the sink. The family bathroom might be a disaster zone, but your ensuite gives you a few minutes every morning away from everything. Are you ready to up the experience?

Your Own Private Spa At Home?

Luxury just for you? Picture provided by Pexels

Tub or Tray?

Start with the bath. If you’ve got the space for a tub in your ensuite, make the most of it. You might choose a roll-top for extra deep bathing. Or perhaps you’d prefer a jacuzzi bath? The bubbles can massage away your longest, toughest days. There are usually different intensity settings, and you can add jets at the bottom of the tub to massage your legs thoroughly. Why not add some colour therapy lights? You can even add Bluetooth speakers and add some meditation music to your soak.

If you don’t have space for a tub, you can choose a jet spa shower instead for a similar effect. With multiple jets and connectivity, you can enjoy a spa experience at any time of the night or day. Why not add a bathroom TV and spend a few minutes longer in your own private spa at home?

Warm, fluffy, comforting

For a super warm, dry, fluffy towel, you need a heated towel rail. These are installed to replace your bathroom radiator and will keep hotter for longer too. You can find different bathroom radiators to suit any bathroom online. That means you can choose a traditional look for your home spa, or something super contemporary.

Your Own Private Spa At Home?

Dare to indulge. Picture provided by Pexels

Clutter free and clean

Fitted bathroom furniture helps you keep this room tidy and clutter free. All of your products can sit neatly in the cupboard, out of sight, and dust free! It should also provide you with a countertop that you can use to place your clothes, scented candles or other items to decorate the room. They come in a wide range of materials and colours, so pick one to suit your style and tastes.


Now you have your relaxing music, soothing scents, and massaging bubbles, you just need one more thing – time! Taking the time to enjoy your own private spa bath isn’t always easy when the children are still quite young. Still, it’s worth reminding yourself that you too need some downtime. Can you find a few minutes each day to unwind the spa way?




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