Create Your Own Enchanted Garden

Create Your Own Enchanted Garden

Want to create your very own wonderland in your back garden? Creating an enchanted outdoors space is easier than you think. With a few simple touches and a little hard work, you can create a gorgeous garden that’ll make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a fairy tale. Here’s what you need to do:

Clear the Site

Before you can let your creative juices flow, you need to create a blank canvas. This means that you will first have to clear up your current garden space. Remove any garbage, pull up the weeds, rake the dirt, trim the bushes and cut the grass. This will leave you with a rather barren space, but it won’t be like that for very long!

Go to the Garden Centre

You’ve cleared the space; now you need to fill it. When you have a free weekend, visit your local garden centre and pick up some high-quality organic soil, which will enable you to grow the prettiest flowers and plants, which are vital to creating an enchanted garden. You might also want to consider buying some mature trees if you want to evoke the image a lush fairy tale forest in the garden.

Plant Some Flowers

Create Your Own Enchanted Garden

Every enchanted garden needs lots of flowers, and ideally, they should be sprinkled liberally around the garden. If you want to create a truly magical space, planting wildflowers and letting them grow ever so slightly out of control is a great way to create a fairy tale inspired meadow right there in the garden. If you do this, it is a good idea to also lay some paving stones or create paths, which will enable you to explore the garden without trampling on the flower beds.

A Hint of Sparkle

Crystals, mirrors, pools of water – they all shimmer, sparkle and reflect the light in the most magical ways, so use them liberally in your enchanted garden. Instead of a rockery, create your own crystal pool or install a water feature to add a touch of peaceful tranquillity.

Fairy lights are another good addition to an enchanted garden. Not only will they enable you to enjoy your garden in the evenings, but they will create just the right kind of soft light you’d expect to find in a magical garden. Outdoor candles have a similar effect, and they often have the added bonus of keeping nasty bugs and insects away.

Don’t Forget the Whimsy

Create Your Own Enchanted Garden

Whimsy is a vital ingredient in any enchanted garden, so stock up on decorative garden ornaments such as  bird boxes, garden elves, fairy houses and toadstools, but use them sparingly to avoid falling into the realms of tackiness!

You should also install bird feeders and bathing stations because, as you know, no real Disney princess is truly at home in her enchanted garden without a whole host of cute critters by her side!

Finally, Furniture

There is no point creating a wonderfully whimsical garden if you are not able to enjoy it in comfort, so once the hard work is done, pick out some pretty outdoor furniture, place it under a tree or amongst the flowers and start enjoying your newly enchanted garden space.

One last tip: When shopping for garden furniture, try to choose natural materials which will blend in with the surroundings and maintain an unobtrusive presence.





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  1. Mike Anderson
    28th April 2017 / 9:32 am

    Hello Jaki, Really great tips for creating a wonderland. With a few simple touches and a little hard work, we can create a beautiful garden. It will make me feel like I have just stepped into a fairy tale. I am so excited to have my own garden. Thanks for sharing.

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