Balancing Comfort And Style In Your Family Home

Balancing Comfort And Style In Your Family Home

One of the oldest debates when it comes to design is around form and function and which should come first. When you have a family, you want your home to be comfortable and functional. It needs to accommodate the occupants and everything they do there. But at the same time, you don’t want to compromise on style. Well, you don’t have to. You can achieve a welcoming and cosy family home that is fit for purpose and looks modern and stylish.

Room By Room Functionality

When planning your family home, look at function first. This makes practical sense. Room by room, plan the activities that will take place in there. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms will be fairly obvious. However, when it comes to the living areas, it’s a good idea to think about all the things you’ll need to do in each room. There will be day-to-day activities such as watching TV, reading, etc. But will you also need those rooms for hobbies, crafts, or an area of the kids to play? If so, this will impact on each of your design choices from furniture to storage solutions. For example, if your kids use your living room as a play area, this will impact on your living room furniture choices. You won’t want kids’ toys all over the floor when they’re not being used. So drawers, chests, cupboards, and other storage options will be important. Sofas that can be wiped or easily cleaned may also be a consideration.

Heat And Light

When it comes to creature comforts heat and light are at the top of the list. For health reasons, as well as comfort, we need to ensure we’re warm or cool enough depending on the time of year. Light is also surprisingly important when it comes to the look and feel and the mood of a room.

Again, start by thinking about function. If your living room doubles as a home office during the day, natural light is extremely important. Allow as much light in as possible by opting for blinds and curtains that can open fully as required. Similarly, you want to avoid screen glare so being able to control this is also key.

Complement the natural light with carefully placed lamps. Overhead lighting can sometimes be a little too stark unless you add dimmer switches. Lamps are a little more subtle and can be placed and angled to specific areas.

Balancing Comfort And Style In Your Family Home


One of the most important elements when it comes to a family home is storage. Each member of your family will come with their own physical baggage. Young children will have toys and games, and adults will have paperwork, books, music, and hobbies. It’s important that all of this can be accommodated without ruining the look and feel of your home.

Buckets, baskets, boxes and other simple storage solutions are ideal when it comes to kids. When guests are arriving stray Lego bricks, books and dolls can all be scooped up into a basket and stored away until after visitors have left. Seating with hidden storage compartments also hides a variety of family paraphernalia. Or opt for drawer units will multiple drawers and cupboards.

We don’t want to hide everything, of course. Children’s pictures, craft projects, etc. can all be displayed or framed to be celebrated and to add to the uniqueness of your home. It’s all about balance. Neatness is important and so is creating a beautiful space for your family to live and interact. Fortunately, there are simple ways to achieve this without compromising on comfort and functionality.


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