Nifty Upgrade Ideas For A Happy Home

Nifty Upgrade Ideas For A Happy Home

Ladies, let’s be honest, when you’re a busy parent your home may be…well, a little messy. Sometimes that messiness can bleed into things looking a little dated. You neglect the dusting on the top shelves as what the eyes won’t see, the heart can’t grieve for. Your wallpaper may become a little faded and your kitchen is about five years behind the trends in the magazines. All of this can be a little depressing to look at so it’s time to start shopping.

The living room and kitchen are the two most used rooms in the home and if you are neglecting these rooms the most, the effects can be fairly severe. You can see the things you need to fix, but fixing them is impossible because of how busy life can be. Ripping out the kitchen and installing replacements may not be cost-effective or time-friendly. Replacing your living room carpets for wooden floors from here takes up a lot of time and money as well and these big jobs can be exhausting to organise with the kids running around. What you need are upgrades. Upgrades can revamp a house like nothing else and not only are they a way to make the home look more modern, they’re cheaper than a full remodel, too! Have a look at the types of upgrades you can do for your kitchen and living room to breathe a little life back into your surroundings:


Embrace vinyl. If your kitchen cupboard doors are looking a little tired, buy in some coloured vinyl and theme your kitchen with something that’s wipe-clean.

Replace your small appliances with upgraded ones. Often, you find you’re using the same kettle, toaster and microwave for years. Why not buy a new colour and match the vinyl you’ve just had put onto the cupboards?

Change over your kitchen sink. You don’t need to replumb anything, but by switching the two old taps that have sat there for years, you can give the room a little jazz. There are several websites that have a great range of kitchen sink taps from mixers to mixers with extendable rinse attachments.

Upgrade your fridge to an integrated one with a cool water option. Sure, this is a little expensive unless you hit the sales, but it’s far better than an entire kitchen replacement!

Living Room

Replacing the couches and chairs is expensive, but reupholstering them isn’t. Either take the plunge with a professional or get to grips with what to do with YouTube, but reupholstering your suite in the living room can give a little life and change the look of the entire room.

Painting a feature wall and giving the rest of the room a lick of magnolia can make the whole place look brighter.

Change the curtains that have hung for years with wooden blinds. Not only does it give the room a uniform look, you’ll find that it instantly looks modern and bright.

Use these little upgrade tips as a magic wand on your home. The same comforts but with a little extra pizazz can make such a difference to the way you live!


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