Inviting Darkness: Making Your Nursery Sleep-Friendly

Inviting Darkness: Making Your Nursery Sleep-Friendly

Getting babies and children to sleep is the bane of the life of every parent in the world. No matter how well your baby sleeps, it doesn’t always stay that way and with sleep becoming a precious commodity, you have to make the most out of every chance you get to snooze. There are different sleep solutions you can use for babies ranging from the no-cry methods to allowing a toddler to cry it out. You could also make the most of the nursery space that you have for your baby. Every baby is different, of course. Sometimes no matter what action you take, your baby may not sleep at all, especially if there is a case of colic to deal with. You have to give yourself a chance though and do everything you can in anticipation of a bad sleeper, as at least in that case you can feel like you tried! Taking the time to make your child’s bedroom a haven for sleep will be one of the most important tasks you do as a parent. The trouble is, choosing how to decorate the nursery is one of the most frustrating tasks that is out there!

Inviting Darkness: Making Your Nursery Sleep-Friendly

Most parents realise that daylight savings time is evil. Those bright, sunshine rays streaming in through the windows and the gaps in the edges of the blinds or drapes you’ve hung, wake children. Those rays wake children at stupid o’clock and getting them back to sleep? Don’t even bother. If you want to avoid 4am being a new wake up time for you, you need to get creative. Bedrooms should be a space of calm that enhances the want to sleep. You need to keep the sunshine out and invite the darkness in and even if you have timed night lights at bedtime, you can’t go wrong with made to measure curtains that block out the light.

Inviting Darkness Making Your Nursery Sleep-Friendly

These curtains can stop your kids rising with the sun in the morning, meaning you might get a chance to sleep past the wee hours of the morning. The nursery should be a room that is specifically for sleep. This means no televisions or electronics that have a screen. The cot or bed should be devoid of any toys or stuffed animals except for a chosen two as any toys around leave the impression that bedtime is for playtime! No. No, it is not. Clearing the bed space of anything remotely fun and stimulating can help your baby differentiate between a sleep space and a play space.

During the day, keep the black-out curtain or blind closed and have your little one take a nap there. This will keep the room in a state of twilight, where darkness is associated with sleep, and the baby will learn to match his or her bedroom to nap and bedtime, making it familiar as a place to relax. Keeping the room cool and consistently so can also very much help to make the bedroom a space to relax in.

Inviting Darkness Making Your Nursery Sleep-Friendly

Did you know that children don’t associate fear with darkness until around eighteen months old? A nightlight is fine but where possible, don’t use them. Any light means daytime playtime and the last thing you want is a nightlight reflecting on a shiny surface and making your new wake up hour an ungodly time of day! Lights aside, focus on the other senses. Sound is important for sleep. Some babies need it to be totally quiet, others need some kind of lullaby or white noise to fall asleep to. Portable noise machines are perfect for these as you can bring them upstairs and downstairs at different times of the day where naps are a necessity.

The environment you create for bedtime can either mean a future of fulfilled sleep or a future of broken nights. There’s a lot you can do to maximise the sleep space but as long as you are fully aware that all these ways can help the sleep area but not fix a sleeping problem, then you won’t end up disappointed. By balancing the light, noise and temperature levels of a child’s bedroom, you are inviting in the darkness for a soothing, calm environment. There’s nothing wrong with trying hard to make sure that you get your sleep as well as your child, you as a parent are very important. Tired parents don’t make for happy parents and if the whole family is sleeping, it’s a better situation all round for everyone.


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