Creating a Family Friendly Bathroom

Creating a Family Friendly Bathroom

While you might want your bathroom to resemble a high end spa, other people in the house might have other ideas. For your kids, the bathroom is a place to splash around and play. Your husband is probably just interested in being able to get a quick shower before work in the morning. And if you just have the one family bathroom, it needs to be a space that suits everyone. So how exactly do you create a family friendly bathroom to please all members of the household?

Get The Right Storage

In any bathroom the right storage is essential. But even more so when you have kids, unless you want to be surrounded by plastic bath toys! You could invest in a set of tall drawers, these offer plenty of storage but without taking up a lot of floor space with is extremely useful in a tiny room like the bathroom. You could also have a hinged or sliding bath panel installed which offers up space for things like toys or cleaning products. Since most women own far too many toiletries, good storage can help you to keep these neat too and keep the bathroom looking far more clean and serene. If you have space by the bath, you could give each person a plastic basket and use this to keep their most used bath products. Teach kids that their stuff goes back in at the end of each bath and it will keep the bathroom looking much more organised.

Have Both a Bath and Shower

Instead of sticking with a bath/ shower combination, if you have the space why not look at separate shower enclosures too? This would mean that if you and your partner both wanted to get washed, there is no waiting around for the other to finish. One can hop in the shower and the other can lounge in the bath. It will give your bathroom that spa/ hotel feel!

Install His and Hers Sinks

Mornings are already chaotic in most family homes. The wait for the bathroom can be an issue where everyone is wanting to wash their face and brush their teeth. One way you can get around this is by having twin sinks installed. It means everyone can use the sink and mirror with half the wait, plus they look great in the bathroom too! Don’t forget a nice big mirror over the top that can clearly be seen from both sinks.

Family Friendly Bathrooms

Think About Flooring

For your gorgeous spa-like bathroom, go with a luxury floor covering such as mother of pearl tiles or a natural stone such as granite, slate or marble. Not only will these give a high end feel but they’re easy to clean and won’t get damaged by children splashing water around either. Other floor coverings can warp, peel or rot in the bathroom so it’s one area to pay close attention to.

How have you made sure that your bathroom works for all the family?


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