Why I love a good old family run business… and a beautiful, handcrafted wardrobe

Why I love a good old family run business… and a beautiful, handcrafted wardrobe

I wanted to share a recent experience with you. We’re in the market for a new wardrobe and we looked round all the usual high street shops – big banners, bigger promotions and the promise of something extra special. The adverts said it all but we felt totally uninspired when we visited their showrooms.  The sales assistants couldn’t care less whether we bought or not and didn’t have any interest in the products they were selling.

Then a friend recommended Bravo London. A family run business who’ve stood the test of time. They have a heartfelt desire to fill London with well-made, inspiring and unique wardrobes!

A faceless corporation is all well and good, but Bravo London is a small, independent business, with a real passion for what they do. They have the luxury of surrounding themselves with a team who share their values – to provide the very best for their customers at every stage of the process. They really were a friendly and knowledgeable bunch who were genuinely interested in creating our perfect wardrobe.

I was also impressed when I read that they support the ‘Made in Britain’ movement. They are a registered ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer working to unite, support, and promote the entire British manufacturing sector within the UK and internationally.

Without getting too deep and meaningful about saving the world, I love the fact that Bravo London consider the impact the furniture industry has on the environment, and they work hard to source materials that comply with British standards and requirements for classification as ‘eco-friendly’. 

So – if you’re in the market for some well-made wardrobes, want to keep your footprint to a minimum and fancy something a bit more inspirational than bog-standard, you could always visit www.bravolondon.co.uk or pop along to their showroom in NW10.  Tell them I sent you…





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