New Year, New Room?

New Year, New Room?

A New Year often brings about a change in mindset from people, from new diets to training regimes and self-improvement, it sometimes feels as though everyone has a New Year’s resolution. However, there’s no reason why a New Year’s resolution has to be about yourself. Indeed, you can use it to help improve other things, so why not use it to focus your mind and start renovation in your living room?

Changing a living room an be quick and simple, or complex and costly. I did it myself, just before Christmas. It entirely depends on how difficult you want your resolution to be to achieve. Let’s start with some nice and easy changes, before moving on to some more complex changes…

  1. Accessorise to the Max

If you don’t want to start a big project, then you don’t have to, as you can make big changes on small budgets and tight time constraints.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to repaint everywhere and buy new furniture. Instead, focus on those all-important finishing touches. Lamps, light shades, rugs and candles can all help to change the look and feel of a room, and even something as simple as changing the ornaments can update your room, creating a completely different look or theme.

  1. Let the Light In

Even something as simple as swapping your curtains for shutters can make a huge difference to your room. Shutters, such as these options from Direct Blinds, are perfect for letting the light into your room. Curtains can often be dark and heavy, blocking off too much natural light during the day. However, open shutters can lighten and brighten any room, providing a Scandinavian or even Mediterranean styling – just like being on holiday!

  1. Have a Complete Paint Overhaul

If you are up for getting your hands dirty though, painting is the first logical step. If you’re looking for more brightness than is offered by the blinds, then you should consider neutral tones. However, if you’re creating a theme, then you may want a slightly bolder colour. Likewise, if you’re wanting to really catch the eye, then you should seriously consider adding a ‘feature wall’.

  1. Knock Down that Wall

Finally, been considering some serious home renovation for a while? Why not make 2018 your year to get cracking? If possible, improve your room by knocking down walls to make sure you’re using your home to its optimum, or get a designer or decorator in to discuss plans and what can be achieved.


2018’s now upon us. Isn’t it time you started on a home improvement project?





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