Press On Nails by Buffer Zone Nails – A review

I came across Buffer Zone Nails on Twitter when I was looking to start reviewing items on this here blog. I got in touch with Leanne after I saw she was looking for people to try her nails and write an honest opinion on her products. I’ve always been a big nail fan and wore press on nails a lot a few years ago, so this really interested me.

Leanne was great and asked me to browse her Etsy shop and choose a design that I’d like to try. I was instantly drawn to these matte black nails that had a glossy black tip, in the style of a French manicure but with a much darker edge. This style was very much me and I couldn’t wait to try them. Delivery was very fast and I received them the next day.

I hadn’t worn false nails in a very, very long time and was wary about how they would feel. I have either always had naturally long nails or more recently I have acrylic overlays over the top of my natural nails, this is purely because it makes my nails stronger. As you know I am a Mum to an eight month old baby and so my hands are in water a lot. They are put to the test on a daily basis. So, wearing false nails under new circumstances was going to be interesting.

I’d come to the stage where I needed to remove my current set of overlays. They’d got brittle and needed to come off, so I soaked them off and prepared my nails for the press on’s . I decided to cut my nails down. I wanted to test them fully, and in my eyes you’ll more likely be applying false nails if you have shorter natural nails, this is my theory anyway. Once I had cut them down, I roughed up my nail. I remember doing this years ago as it helps the glue and nail bond better. I went through my set of nails and made sure I set aside the right sizes for the right nail. The nails come on cards and are attached to a light adhesive. This way the nails don’t get damaged. I managed to find the right sizes for my fingernails no problem at all. There were plenty of sizes available for all different shapes and sizes of nail. Once I had set them aside I started on applying them. I chose to use nail glue. It’s a method I’m used to and have always find it to be very strong. I chose to apply the glue directly to my nail and then press the nail on to it. I hold it for about thirty seconds and then release. The nail is then firmly stuck in place.

No word of a lie. I think I got these nails sorted, arranged and applied within twenty minutes. I had gone from short stumpy nails, which I’m not used to at all, to these lovely decorated talons, in a fantastically unique design in no time at all. I absolutely loved them.

They felt strong. They almost felt as sturdy as my overlays. Obviously I don’t expect them to be as they don’t have the same acrylic set bond as the overlays but they were very strong indeed and above all they felt very comfortable. I didn’t feel like I needed to pick things up really carefully like I used to with false nails years ago.

Over the next few days I carried on as normal. Washed up my baby’s bottles in the same way. Bathed him. Applied his eczema cream and I have to say they held up really well. I applied them on the Saturday night and I didn’t get a ‘lift’ until the Wednesday daytime. Now when wearing false nails I always keep the nail glue close to hand. My biggest fear is of a nail pinging off and it being obvious to all that I’m wearing false nails. Even if I go out its popped in my handbag. So it wasn’t a problem, I just gently removed it and reapplied.

I decided to remove them on the Wednesday evening purely down to personal reasons. I wanted to give my own nails some room to breathe. They’d been covered up for a long time and even though I hate them short it needed to be done. But I have no doubt that there were a few more days left in the press on nails.

Bearing in mind, my hands are in and out of water a lot during a normal day, I don’t believe on anyone else the nails would have lifted as quickly. I was really impressed with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone who was considering buying them.

Leanne is based in Nottingham and runs her own business selling hand painted press on contemporary designed nails that are suitable for both women and men. She has been in this business since June 2012. Business took off after several people had seen Leanne’s nails and has said they wished they lived closer to her so she could do their nails. After a suggestion from her husband that she try selling pre painted false nails, the rest they say is history!

Leanne’s business rapidly grew and by Christmas last year she was an international seller.

The nails are available via an online shop on the Etsy website and there is a huge range of designs and styles with various sizes available to suit everybody. Leanne’s most popular designs are the matte and shinier designs and a lot of things with polka dots. She’s always open to new ideas and designs and often does commission sets for people. Leanne has also recently started selling on Folksy.

You can view and purchase Leanne’s nails by clicking on the links below.





  1. Kate
    29th August 2013 / 7:47 pm

    Great article and I love the nails you chose.

  2. Hayley Foster
    5th September 2013 / 8:50 pm

    What Nail glue do you use if you don’t mind me asking? xox

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